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2 semanas depois de..... fundo,fundo

Eileen McCann and Brian Kennedy in Rothley (May 17 2007)

BBC East Midlands interview grandmother, Eileen McCann and great uncle Brian Kennedy in Rothley exactly two weeks after Madeleine had disappeared.

KATHY ROCHFORD Here in Rothley the sea of yellow ribbons, the mountain of soft toys behind me grows ever larger. Now as you say it's been two weeks tonight that Madeleine was taken from her parent's apartment and yet, still, people come here today, streaming through reading the messages of support, some of them reduced to tears by the notes left by children. Now among the visitors today was Madeleine's Scottish grandmother and I spoke to her just before she flew back to Scotland and she told me that she had just spoken to her son, Gerry, in Portugal. This is what she said about him.

EILEEN MCCANN Feeling a lot brighter and better in his voice. And I think us being here with the family and the fund starting, that's uplifted him. And his doctors from the hospital especially Doug Skehan who's his immediate boss. He's been just wonderful. Good uplifting news so that's probably made his voice a bit brighter, not as anguished and that's what I found in him today.

KATHY ROCHFORD Well that's how events here are buoying up the family in Portugal but I'm joined now by Madeleine's great uncle, Brian Kennedy, and he's going to tell us about the fighting fund. What's been the public's response to it, Brian?

BRIAN KENNEDY Well, its been very good so far but a lot of people have said they're not quite sure how they can give money. So may I tell them?

KATHY ROCHFORD Yes, very briefly.

BRIAN KENNEDY Right, well very briefly, you can go into any branch of the Nat West or the Royal Bank of Scotland and just say that you would like to make a contribution to the Madeleine Fund.

KATHY ROCHFORD But tell me, Brian, about all the people that have been coming up to you today, just literally stuffing money in your hand. Yes, they have. Its very touching, very touching. I would just say. This is not an appeal. The family haven't made an appeal. We've just set up a mechanism for people who said they wanted to do something and contribute so that the money can be used for all sorts of reasons but probably mainly for legal expenditure.

KATHY ROCHFORD And, of course, there is the video and you want that to have saturation coverage, don't you?

BRIAN KENNEDY We do. Its gone out and its very widespread already. We're particularly concerned that it should reach as many countries as possible. 

KATHY ROCHFORD OK, Brian, thank you very much indeed for talking to us. As I said you can here see all the yellow ribbons. That is a testament of what people feel like. They really want to pay tribute to Madeleine, want to see her back home safe and well.

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