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Servem-se da imprensa e hoje: ao ataque!

" Kate e Gerry McCann, protegidos de uma forma sem precedentes no Reino Unido pelos meios de comunicação, deram um grande pontapé à imprensa de  Fleet Street " (SpudG.)


E o Leveson deseja-lhes sucesso na procura da Mad Die   ?????????? 


4.00pm: The McCanns have finished. The inquiry is now hearing some legal discussion about redacted statements.
Robert Jay QC says they if they spent hours on redactions each day the inquiry will find itself in a cul de sac.
3.56pm: Leveson intervenes to tell the McCanns that journalism is not like medicine; that journalists practice "freedom of expression" and regulation of this is different to the General Medical Council which has a range of sanctions against bad practice.
Gerry McCann says he would like it to be known that he is a staunch supporter of the press and free speech but that "substandard reporting" involving "unverifiable" and "made up" sources is a "daily occurance".
3.53pm: McCann on journalistic standards:
He has looked at the submission by the National Union of Journalists.

There are standards but there are no penalties for not sticking to them.
I've seen no journalist or edit brought to account, be it the Express or any other group, It they are repeat offenders they should lose their privilege of practising

Kate and Gerry McCann at Leveson
Gerry McCann says newspapers should never be allowed publish snatched photographs of individuals going about their ordinary business.
What I find disturbing is when you're being followed; when you're being put in danger by reporters' or photographers' behaviour.
[these people],. take a photograph, use it in their product which they then can sell and make a profit and you have no say. That needs to be remedied.
You should not be able to publish photographs of private individuals going about their private business without their explicit consent, signed.
3.46pm: Gerry says that they've seen "longlasting damage as a result of the headlines", mentioning a Spanish taxi driver who he says recently referred to them in person as "the parents who were accused of murdering their own daughter".
Gerry says that if you go on the internet - which their twins will be doing - most of the allegations are still there and "we will have to continue dealing with them going forward".
3.43pm: Gerry McCann says "something has to change" in the media and "commercial imperative" should not be the driving force.
He says the media does many good things, but its power needs to be balanced with responsibility.
We speak from experience about how powerful media are and how much damage they can do.
What we see on a daily basis on the front page, tabloid sometimes followed by a clamour of 24 hours media and the internet blurring...stories which appear to have no factual basis, or are inaccurate or distorted.
Information is being written and lives are being harmed by these stories. And something has to change. A commercial imperative is not acceptable.
3.37pm: Gerry McCann says that, like Sheryl Gascoigne, he too was "only vaguely aware of the PCC".
The general feeling was that the PCC was not equipped to deal with the accusations, the number of them and the severity

Kate McCann's diaries in News of the World
We now have a close up of the Kate diaries story in the News of the World and the journalist's byline on the piece is Daniel Sanderson.
3.31pm: The McCann's are now talking about the publication of their book. Gerry said he was "somewhat horrified" that serialisation rights might go to News of the World given "how we had been treated in the past".
Eventually the deal was done that excluded serialisation, but the McCann's eventually did a deal with News International.
We were subsequently apporached by New International and Assoiccated to serialise the book.
We had a couple of meetings with Will Lewis and Rebekah Brooks and others.
What swung the decision was that News International committing to back the campaign and search for Madeleine.
We had been lobbying for two years behind the scenes to try and get a review of Madeleine's case.
Ultimately the press have helped, galvanising the public [opinion], having them engaged. Intervention was succesful.

3.28pm: Audio of Kate McCann talking about her diaries being published by the News of the World:
3.27pm: Gerry is now talking about a more recent story which claims to report a potential sighting of Madeleine in India.
He says it was irresponsible. If there had been a sighting, the article would have alerted the kidnappers who could then move.
There is only one conclusion, he says:
The story has precedence over the safety of our child
3.24pm: The inquiry now hears how a freelancer sold a story to the Sunday People falsely claiming that McCanns were undergoing IVF treatment to get a baby to replace Madeleine.
Kate says:
We've had many weekends destroyed through trying to stop articles like this going to press.
Weekends are important for us, for Gerry, it's our only bit of family time.
3.23pm: Gerry says that Clarence Mitchell, his PR, would regularly speak to Ian Edmondson, then a NotW executive.
He says it was a "complete shock" when they heard that NotW had published the diaries. Edmondson hadn't mentioned it.
3.22pm: Leveson suggests one way to find out the provenance of the story about Kate's diary was to check the byline on the story and talk to the journalist.

The story about Kate McCann's private diaries
3.20pm: The diaries had been translated, it now appears, and then re-translated back to English with mistakes.
3.17pm: Kate McCann says she felt "totally violated" after the News of the World reprinted some of her private diaries.
In August 2007 the police in Portugal had seized Kate McCann's diary.
Entries and private conversations she wrote to Madeleine then appeared in the papers in the UK.
I felt totally violated. I'd written these words at the most desparate time of my life. It was my only way of communicating with Madeleine. It made me feel very vulnerable and small. I just couldn't believe it.
3.15pm: The editor of the News of the World was not happy with their decision to do an interview with the celebrity magazine.
Mr Colin Myler was 'irate', said Gerry.
He was berating us for not doing an interview with NOW and telling us how supportive he had been. .. At the time of stress for us on the first anniversary ...
He beat us into submission verbally and we agreed to do an interview the day after
This was an extremely stressful time. I twas therun up to the a year..and to get a call l like this, you almost feel guilty. we've helped you, we've got a reward, it's almost like somebody won't help you unless you give something back.
3.12pm: Many of the media outlets didn't want to run the story about the missing child alert.
Then then decided to do an interview with Hello! magazine said it was distributed in 14 different countries.
3.11pm: Gerry and Kate say that Evening Standard was another bad offender with a 'corpse in the car' story.
Associated, the then owner, published an apology in the Standard after the couple brought libel proceedings. However, the Daily Mail did not publish an apology, Gerry points out.
3.09pm: Gerry says there was "a dramatic seachange" in Express newspapers following the settlement and coverage turned more responsible. He says that they've still had to have Express articles pulled, and in hindsight wishes they'd taken legal action earlier.
3.05pm: Here is the article from the Guardian at the time about the Express apology.

Daily Express apology to the McCanns
The Express group paid £500,000 in damages to the McCanns with a front page apology.
Leveson now reads out the apology
3.01pm: When the McCanns complained, the Express then suggested that they do an interview with OK magazine, part of the proprietor Richard Desmond's stable of publications.
Gerry tells Leveson:
...Which we found rather breath-taking
2.57pm: They are now looking at some stories in the Daily Star of the McCann case in 2007.
"'Maddy sold'" by hard-up McCanns." read one headline
Jay says to Gerry - you probably "don't want to dignify this with a comment".
Gerry replies:
"That's nothing short of disgusting.
Kate then intervenes:
The same journalists said we stored her body in a freezer. We just ..."
2.55pm: The McCanns are now discussing the libellous articles in the Express.
McCann says the articles were "incredible" and based on complete inaccuracies.
These articles have been removed from the Express website
2.51pm: The McCanns are now talking about the Express group newspapers which included the Daily Star and the Sunday Star and Daily Express.
Their solicitors at Kingsley Napley had written the he Express explicitly twice, the content was libellous and the McCann's had reserved the right to take action.
McCann says:
It's important to emphasis that we had met with a libel specialist and had taken about legal action which for us was always a last resort
2.46pm: Kate now talks about how "desperate" they were to find Madeleine and they had to endure headlines about a "corpse" in the car and "body fluids" in the car.
There were no body fluids in the car, but this was repeated so often, she said, it became fact.
"We were trying to find our daughter," she said and the press was compromising her choice of finding her.
2.43pm: Gerry is now talking about being besieged by the press who stayed camped outside their house every day until December 2007.
It would be the same photograph every day me the children in the car.
Often they [the photographer] would spring out from a hedge so they could get a startled look so they could attach frail or fragile [to the caption or headline]

Amelie [her daughter] would say 'Mummy I'm scared'
Gerry added:
The twins were only two years old and frightened.
2.40pm: He now is talking about in August 2007 that a newspaper reported they were involved in the "killing" of Madeleine.
Kate McCann:
Headlines like that became very prominent once we were made arguido
2.39pm: Gerry says it is correct to say that at least one newspaper had said the story about his missing daughter helped "boost circulation".
2.38pm: Gerry is now talking about the impact of being labeled "arguido" – which means 'person of interest' if translated into English law.
He notes it was not necessarily a bad thing, but there were leaks by parts of the police investigations team that suggested that Madeleine was dead and that we were involved, Gerry says.
Gerry says "clearly" the British press took 'arguido' to mean suspect.
2.35pm: Gerry recalls the headline in the Daily Mirror declaring "She's dead".
It was about 11pm and they were just about to go to bed.
That was one of the most distressing headlines that was just taken from supposition. It was incredible
2.33pm: McCann says his decision to go to Rome was criticised in some quarters.
Then there were more sinister elements that started to creep into the reporting
The first thing was an article in a piopgu pact of silence, starting to infer there was some sort of sinister agreement between us and our friends [to conceal what went on]
I thought that as ludicrous... we were all acting under judicial secrecy [and weren't allowed talk]
2.31pm: Gerry says it didn't take long before innuendo crept in.

Stories became highly speculative...
Unless our phones were hacked, which I don't think they were, these were simply made up.
2.29pm: Mark Warner holidays sent out an executive from PR firm Bell Pottinger to help manage the media.
Clarence Mitchell was seconded to the FCO as part of the media liaison in Portugal.
At times we've been criticised for having someone to deal with the media, but the volume of the press nationally and internationally. I don't know ho Clarence managed it, but it was a full time job.
We had no prior experience of dealing with the media, but it gave us a little bit of protection. Obviously we were working behind the scenes and it gave us a little bit of time with our family as well

2.27pm: Audio of Gerry McCann talking about press intrusion
2.27pm: Gerry says he cannot say for certain whether the Portuguese police were leaking but it is a reasonable assumption to make.
He says there were snippets of information that British press could not tell was true but was reported on because it was in the Portuguese press.
It was often made up, he says.
2.24pm: Gerry McCann talks about the lack of control over the information issued to journalists in Portugal.
He explained there was a "ferocious appetite in the United Kingdom" and had the British police been controlling it, they may have been advised, journalists may have been "steered" in certain directions and "away from certain areas"
2.22pm: Gerry McCann on his first reaction to the arrival of the press:
I thought it would be an opportunity to issue an appeal. I had no guidance on that.
We could the distinct impression that there was a genuine want to help among journalists...there was a huge amount of empathy. I really did feel early on there was a desire to help.
2.21pm: Gerry McCann tells how the press descended on the Algarve after his daughter disappeared.            


He recalls being in the police station and could literally see "tens of, if not hundreds of journalists" outside the apartment including camera vans.

Leveson inquiry: Kate and Gerry McCann
2.20pm: Robert Jay is now asking the questions
2.18pm: There are four main areas I would like to give evidence on, Gerry says.
1. Libel
2. Privacy laws and gaps in legislation at the minute where newspapers can hound you, use photographs without your consent for commercial gain.
3. Contempt
4. Standards of journalism
2.16pm: Gerry McCann is asked if it was helpful that Madeleine was in the public eye all the time.
I do not feel it's helpful particularly in 2007 and 2008. There was an incredible amount of confusion.
Kate McCann:
She was on the front page every day for a period It isn't the case, when a story is so negative, it's not helpful
2.15pm: David Sherborne, barrister for the phone victims is first up with questions.
Gerry McCann says he would like to see a system put in place for a press that falls well below the standards that are acceptable
2.13pm: Leveson says he is very grateful to them for appearing.
"Nobody with children could fail to appreciate the terrible impact the abduction of your child has on your family", says Leveson before Robert Jay, QC, starts to ask them questions.
2.13pm: Kate and Gerry McCann are now being sworn into the inquiry.

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