quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

O Lev. deveria ter feito perguntas importantes. Não fez!

 "Trabalhar para aquecer" ....... tristeza Lev e McLiars.

R.F.Wilson writes from London: 

How dare the McCanns take us all for idiots! The have effectively commercialised child abduction, manipulating the press to the full, and now they have the nerve to insist that the media was harassing them and intruding into their personal life.
If Kate and Gerry McCann, who have become a double act of sorts, had any common sense they wouldn’t have appeared at the Leveson inquiry today, to give their account of how the press hounded them. They should consider themselves lucky that they were not prosecuted both in Portugal and Britain for child neglect. And the supposedly hostile media that they now blame for their distress and suffering actually gave them an easy ride, considering that their daughter Madeleine had vanished when they were having a meal with their friends.
Some people wonder why is it that this otherwise unremarkable couple is treated as if they are some sort of celebrities. Well, let me tell you why it happened: first of all, the McCanns have used the media to the full, behaving as if everyone else was to blame for Madeleine’s disappearance but not them. And, secondly, and more importantly, the Anything Goes mafia that has become mighty powerful in recent decades is promoting them hard, basically saying that parents should think about themselves first and about the their children a distant second or third. The message is: go party and enjoy yourselves and leave your kids to themselves. No worries, you’re f..king worth it!
Lord Justice Leveson, who is obviously not suited to head an inquiry into the ethics of the British media, simply because the legal profession has an instinctive dislike for hacks, should have asked the McCanns several very simple question as they were telling their weepy stories. How come you, folks, decided to leave your three small children all by themselves, even though you were offered the services of a nanny? Didn’t you realise that you were breaking the law by leaving three small kids unattended? How is it that the social services in Britain have not yet taken your two small children into care on the basis of your neglect? And, finally: how could you get over you shock so quickly as to start writing a diary and hire all those PR people, not to mention having your own personal spokesman?
These would have been hard-hitting questions for the McCanns and for the general public to chew on. But the whole inquiry seems to be running according to the script written by the politically correct brigade that wants the hearings to be turned into a bashing of the press, so that afterwards Lord Leveson would rule that there’s too much press intrusion into the lives of celebrities and politicians and that no one should be allowed to go beyond the press releases of their agents. Make no mistake: most celebs and politicians are lowlifes, who have very nasty hobbies that they would like to keep secret. That’s why they want their privacy to be protected when they want it but still have the right to plug themselves when it suits them.
Bur back to the McCanns: they seem to be coping with their grief well, despite the gloomy expressions that they made their trademark. It’s not yet clear whether the sex drive that they lost after Madeleine had disappeared – as described by Kate herself in her own book – is back, but hands were held, as usual, and that look was there as well, as in: ‘We don’t care what people think about us, but we’ll continue to raise money to finance the search for our Maddy.’
Nasty couple. But a reflection of our times, if you ask me.
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