sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

Motto Must Be.... Nem mais!


R.F.Wilson writes from London: 

Kate and Gerry McCann are obviously ..................
Mind you, the Portuguese authorities, whom Kate and Gerry accuse of indifference, cold-heartedness, bias and many other things didn’t really make life hell for them by pressing charges against of child neglect. Because if they did, the couple may have still been prison in Portugal instead of campaigning all around the world. So the Portuguese authorities actually were very lenient and understanding with the McCanns. Just like the social services in Britain that would have taken their remaining two small children from them had they not achieved celebrity status.
Overexposure is a very bad thing. It makes you look arrogant, selfish and annoying. And the McCanns have overexposed themselves. Time to let go and stop harassing the long suffering public.
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