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A mana Phil....... do .....

"In the days following Madeleine's reported diappearance, Gerry's sister, Philomena, acted as an unoffical 'McCann family' spokesperson to the UK media.

She later became a familiar sight when the McCanns were constituted as arguidos, famously, and incorrectly stating that Kate had been offered a "deal" to "confess".
Note: Sky News do not allow the embedding of any of Philomena's videos, so, in order to view them, click on the Sky News video link supplied and type 'Philomena McCann' into the search box."  aqui mesmo:

  • Listen Phil - your brother and sister in-law are responsible for their eldest daughters disappearance and it is not helpful to Madeleine or her memory to protect her parents simply on the basis that you are related. If you really love and care for Madeleine tell her parents to hand themselves in to the that justice for Madeleine can be done.

The First Reactions Philomena McCann 5-5-07

The First Reactions Philomena McCann 5-5-07 por the3as

"Gerry #McCann avoided explaining to #Leveson that it was his own sister Philomena who was briefing the media, "Kate killed Madeleine" -
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