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Maldita a hora em que eles cá vieram.......os McCann

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.......Susan and Paul Moyes, holiday time neighbours living directly above Mrs Fenn seemed blissfully unaware of all of the crimes in the resort. On the night Madeleine disappeared, they were sitting on their balcony, but saw and heard nothing other than guests at the Tapas bar enjoying themselves. They later joined the searches for Madeleine and gave their observations of Praia da LuzPaul -“idyllic, safe” and Susan -“It was paradise.

Or Paradise Lost?

Anonymous said :
Nov 2, 2011 7:23:00 PM
Many people have described Praia as 'paradise' and 'quiet' in fact an ideal and popular holiday destination until the Mccanns decided to pay a visit?

The Mccanns speak of 'someone holding the key' in terms of solving the mystery, considering they were given the keys to the church that they used on numerous occasions, and the comments of the priest at the time saying 'he had been deceived etc' I feel sometimes our subconscious speaks the truth without us realising. 

IMO the priest holds the 'key' metaphorically speaking, he was involved with the Mccanns before Clarence and Cater Ruck came onto the scene and knows more about what happened to Madeleine than most people.

Kate never mentions him, he has been 'air brushed' from this case. Considering the amount of tax payers money being wasted on the investigation and the amount of money fraudulently taken by the Mccann couple, this priest should be interviewed and under the circumstances the Pope would probably give his blessing for this priest to say what he knows because it would bring to an end a worldwide fraud from a couple that have used religion as a means of making more money from the memory of a child that has been long gone from this world.
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