quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

Kate McCann 'violated' by newspaper (procura na net)


Ler o artigo completo na ligação indicada.


" That day they will have become what they most fear: worthless.

And what is worthless, is best disposed of.

The McCanns with this invasion of privacy claim, epitomized with the“mentally raped”, are fighting back.

Fighting for their survival.

Fighting so that “bill” is kept being paid. Fighting for that at least the “installments” will keep coming.

Reluctantly having to accept that each day the “payment” will be a little less, in amount and will, than it “was” the day before, but hoping that the day it will definitely stop will be a long time from now.

And they're fighting with the weapons little people usually have: little weapons. They’ve convinced themselves that they were big, but they are what they are, always were, and never stopped to be: little.

All they can do is say “Hey, we’re still here!” And hope someone hears. It seems that someone still feels that they're pretending to "hear". Let's wait and see how loud their voices will be next February.

But there will be the day “the bill” will be stopped being paid, and a little bird is telling me that it may be sooner than they would like it to be…

History is filled with little people who’ve used, deemed worthless and disposed of.

Post Scriptum: It was just a year ago 

that this blog revolutionized the public’s perception about this case. We realize that our public is far from being the "general public" (although we've been accused, and threatened because of it, of being too popular when we had, if I remember, 60.000 hits), but is a public so many fear. Because you are intelligent, respectful, cooperative and participative, and above all, commited as we are.

Just a year ago, the Tapas dinners were taken for granted; the Ocean Club, its management and staff, were on our side of the fence; that we knew the British Police did act suspiciously, but we didn’t know, or understand, the full scope of the intent to boycott the investigation from the start; the guests that shared the resort with the T9 were simple bystanders; Mrs Fenn was just a nice and concerned elderly lady…

This was in just a year. We thank you for keeping us motivated.

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