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K8 e os disparates constantes.


The Appeals Court agreed with Gonçalo Amaral, and that was a "beautiful moment" that was used to plan the future. "The books remain illegally with their keeper, the McCanns' lawyer, and I doubt that they still exist. Now, it is up to Guerra e Paz to ensure that the Appeals Court's decision concerning the book 'Maddie – The Truth of the Lie' is fulfilled." All in all, "over 120,000 copies have been sold", and the book was translated for France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.


By Dr Martin Roberts
16 November 2011


Some of what Kate McCann has to say about herself and her daughter in the book, 'Madeleine:'

"She was striding ahead of Fiona and me, swinging her bare arms to and fro...I was following her with my eyes, admiring her. I wonder now, the nausea rising in my throat, if someone else was doing the same." (p.65)

(Is this a mother talking? Any adult who finds themselves observing a child in the same terms as a hypothetical paedophile should either 'snap out of it' immediately or else seek counselling).

"I felt like a caged demented animal." (96)

(What does a 'caged demented animal' feel like exactly? Which of these two aspects is most note worthy, since the one does not necessarily pre-dispose the other?).

"Somehow inflicting physical pain on myself seemed to be the only possible way of escaping my internal pain." (105)

(Emergent masochism?)

"I felt as if I'd embarked on a slow, painful death....The pictures I saw of our Madeleine no sane human being would want in her head, but they were in mine. I simply couldn't rid myself of these evil scenes in the early days and weeks." (130)

(Excuse me? 'Pictures no sane human would want' were in your head? Since what we imagine is what we choose to imagine, and if sane people would 'opt out' in this instance, what does that make the custodian of these mental pictures?)

"My child had suffered and therefore so must I." (132)

(A non-sequitur as irrational as it is masochistic)

"Although I'd been for a run two days before, to me, as I've said, this seemed a necessity rather than a pleasure, and there's no doubt there was an element of self-punishment in it." (139)

(Self-confessed masochism once more).

"I felt Madeleine's terror." (81)

"Quite upset on the way home. Can't stop thinking about Madeleine again - her fear and her pain." (168)

"The thought of Madeleine's fear and pain tears me apart." (169)

(Re Murat): "Since they (the PJ) had insinuated throughout that he might be the person responsible for the unimaginable fear and pain suffered by our little girl..." (199)

(KM's had no difficulty with her imaginings thus far. But with 'no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm,' what justification is there for dwelling on her 'terror, fear and pain?').

"I struggled constantly to think nice thoughts and drift off to sleep but the demons had me in their grip and would torture me mercilessly with images too frightening and painful to share." (275)

(Not like she shared p.129).

"I long for the day when I'll have my beautiful Madeleine back in my arms." (181)

And, from a year-old video recently exhumed on a couple of 'blog' sites:

"Sean and Amelie are great, just doing really well, erm, they seem to have taken everything on board and coped incredibly well really. Maybe that's one of the attractions of youth really."

(Even now the twins are not youths. They are children. And an ability to cope is scarcely what one would consider an 'attraction,' unless they were a company director on the lookout for middle-management talent. One wonders what, in Kate's view, might be numbered among the other attractions of youth, given her 'admiration' of a three year old?).

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