quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2011

Deja Vu... novamente.


artigo completo na ligação indicada.

Child missing, without a trace
Confused statements
Contradictory timelines
Friend spots 'abductor'
Media whirlwind
Cadaver dog alert

Bless these children wherever they are - victims of their own parents incompetent failings.

Anonymous said...


For England it was a shock to see a faked abduction with all the spin but in the States it has happened many times before, though not so much spin I grant you. The above link, I feel sure shortly we will hear of the mothers involvement. The difference, this family are black so will not get any coverage.

Anonymous said...
Here we have another only this week-end Jasmen Gonzalez aged 10, murdered and raped by a FAMILY friend.

Without the PR Spin Jasmen has been forgotten.

The McCanns will never be free and they can lie all they want and live in their fantasy world, money more important to them than the truth and of course they are now criminals of fraud.

 And if Lisa's remains are never found Team Irwin will join the fake abduction club, they have already made big bucks by selling Lisa's photographs to the media and of course the ABC exclusive to follow her boys on Halloween.

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