quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2011

(Copio de M.H. ) "MorePinkyThanThePinky"

M.H. :

‎"I could see the media using the McCanns and building them as a news commodity"

This from the biggest liar and spinmeister of all time; even WORSE than Clarence Mitchell.

This from the man whose lies and fabrications helped to lull a gullible public into turning a blind eye whilst the British, (along with the Americans) , massacred HUNDREDS of thousands of innocent Men, women and children in Iraq. Not to mention his role in the destruction of Dr. David Kelly.


Alastair Campbell, the former Number 10 communications director, has said the "craft" of journalism is almost dead and ordinary people are used as news "commodities". "I remember watching when Madeleine McCann went missing and I thought about writing to them.

 I could see the media using them and building them as a news commodity," he told the Leveson Inquiry.
He said her parents Gerry and Kate McCann became "anything goes people". "How nobody from the PCC didn't stand up and say what's going on here amazes me."

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