sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

Madeleine necessita da verdade!

Aqui, em inglês, o artigo completo

............  "Something has happened to your Child, and only the truth can help. So please, decide to help the truth – and many people then WILL help you. It’s not easy, but I believe that you have gone through the worse by now. But without you, it’s not over, yet, do you understand? Do you understand me, at least me, when I say things, when I write them in blogs, because this is the only way for me to communicate with you? I am not going to write to you at your Home address, because this could be seen as annoying, or ‘harassing’. I don’t want to belong to a ”trash, weirdoes” bin or cardbox soon to be taken to paper-recyclement!
Madeleine still needs the truth to emerge, to be at rest, even if she can’t materially be here right now. She needs her Mother. She needs YOU, Kate."

K8 a anedota perversa. 
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