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Revejam e oiçam. Lembre-se, recordem . Não esqueçam.

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Former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral launched his book 'Maddie, the Truth of the Lie' on the 24th of July, two days later the edition was sold out.

Excerpts of the book "The Truth of the Lie "

P. 11
"This book appears out of the necessity that I felt of putting back my good name that was vilified in the public domain without the PJ has allowing me to stand up for myself ".

P. 19
"The mistake was that we treated the couple 'with tweezers'. They were treated with privileges. It is that, that is not normal".

P. 26
"It seems that the Judiciary Police is a 'stepmother' [Portuguese expression, meaning the PJ as an institution was never good to its officers] with its servants, it never knew how to defend them ".

P. 38
"It was pertinent to know if Madeleine was the biological daughter of the couple McCann, the information requested does not arrive, but the English ambassador is already arriving. It is not normal this preoccupation of the English diplomacy ".

P. 48
"A hand print was found in the balcony window at the rear [of the apartment]. It was corresponding to one of the police elements ". (protocol of proceedings is lacking)

P. 54
"Kate appears bored because of having being obliged to return and bothered with the speed reached by the police car We found strange that she didn't show signs of hope with the possibility of the girl being recovered ".

P. 67
"The PJ should have had persons to analyse all the news, being preoccupied by what the parents and friends would say to the public opinion. What did not happen ".

P. 68
"It is not usual that common citizens, to whom a daughter just had disappeared, nominate press advisers"

P. 71
"The English service secret already had, after the facts, the couple and the group of friends under surveillance. If that was right such an information was never accessed by the Portuguese police"

P. 81
"The medical registries (of Madeleine) requested with insistence were not given to us, due to great difficulties raised in England".

P. 92
Attempt of extortion
"Gerry McCann was sucking casually one lollipop while he was reading banalities in sites of the Internet and was talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers."

Sentence of the English police officers "Do not forget that he starts cutting people in half shortly afterwards of the breakfast".

P. 165
"There were signs of death in the apartment. It was concluded that that cadaver odour could only came from Madeleine McCann".

P. 168
"The toy had cadaver odour"

P. 214
"Madeleine died in the6 apartment 5 A on the 3rd of May of 2007
A simulation of kidnapping took place
Kate and Gerry are suspected of corpse's occultation [hiding the cadaver]
The death might have happened as a result of an accident
There are signs of negligence in the safe keeping and security of the children"

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