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O PODER da Imprensa e Madeleine McCann

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wednesday, 28 september 2011

Madeleine McCann and the POWER of the PRESS

I am forever being asked about why Journalists do NOT take a greater interest in the Madeleine McCann case; about why some Media ‘hotshot’ doesn't take up the mantle and pursue the whole case with a thorough tenacity in the hope of unearthing some concrete facts.

Or even reporting on those facts and areas where the truth that is known is different to the one being perpetuated in the Media.

As much as I have always lambasted the British Media for their reticence when it comes to certain aspects of the McCann case, (and shall continue to do so), I feel that I should at least offer SOME defence to those many hard-working journalists without whose professionalism and dedication, MUCH of the injustice that goes on in this world would remain hidden.

The answer is surprisingly, and bizarrely, simple. 


Journalists do NOT, have not and never WILL, control what gets publicised, printed or broadcast. 

EDITORS and program commissioners do. 

That is, a ...............

Although we still received payment, the investigation never DID get fully published, (although some aspects of it were reproduced by Sports columnists).

It would take a VERY brave editor or commissioner to publicise anything that would derogate the McCanns at the moment. After all, they have all danced to 

It wouldn't be the first, second or tenth time............

Additionally, to make such a story gel anyway, one ...........

But WHY oh WHY I hear you all ask!?

It’s about a little girl. A cute, sweet, helpless and totally innocent little girl who has been missing for several years now. It is IMPOSSIBLE, not to feel a wave of sympathy, heartfelt empathy and pity, especially anyone who has ever been a parent. 

It IS true that the majority of people who look BEYOND what the newspapers and TV report, beyond the drivel fed to them by Clarence, which gets duly regurgitated; and actually study the PORTUGUESE Police documents which are available online, or read OTHER intelligible writings on the case in the form of some forums, blogs and publications; THEN begin to formulate different opinions on the matter and start to consider that there may be more to the case than at first seems.


Actually, it’s around a MILLION reasons.

Pounds Sterling! 

More importantly, the Newspapers’ Lawyers could have fallen back on the age old defence to Libel- that it can NOT be Defamation when the statements are true, or that the statements made were done so in good faith and belief that they were true; assertions that could have been validated to a certain degree with the release of the Portuguese Police files.

Alas he always says the same thing:- 

That he is sure that there IS more to the case; that there is clearly a HUGE amount of suspicion over some of the McCanns behaviour and actions, along with those of their friends; that the whole case IS worthy of a sustained, elaborate and highly intensive study and investigation. 


No one ...........

I have come across murmurings of D-Notices, but I don’t personally believe them. 

I’m pretty sure that there is nothing that has.........

Which brings us back to the Madeleine McCann case.

As I write this, there are families...............

And if the vast majority of the people are willing to IGNORE, or remain INDIFFERENT to, the irrefutable evidence that SHOWS that the loss of an estimated 1 to 1.5 MILLION in Iraq was all built on a LIE, then
what chance justice for a 3 year old girl who disappeared under circumstances that were very CLEARLY fabricated?

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.
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