segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2011

Madeleine: uma Criança ultrajada.

This blog is to expose the ones who, encouraged by a lunatic fake psychic, are taking advantage of other people's grief by giving them false hope.

Modesty prevents me from declaring what I really feel about this most reprehensible bunch of self-praisers. Therefore those of you who know me and visit here often will just have to read between the lines.

These people consider themselves the bees-knees: the cult worshipped by the brainless, the hopeless, and the downright daft. Their motto could be, "The King said shit, so they all shat." 

These people--the same bunch of arrogant, selfish individuals who run the various support sites which are far less interested in finding a missing child than they are in slagging off anyone who poses even the most innocuous of questions or expresses the slightest doubt--these people have several times attempted to open a government petition, and each time they have failed. 

I succeed, and they condemn me. They attack me, my family, and my work with a vehemence reserved for silly, spoiled children who cannot have all their own way. They say that I and my "many supporters" (the Loonies words, not mine, for my utterly fantastic friends) have failed to read any of the evidence, or study any of the relevant facts. 

We have studied and read EVERYTHING, and unlike you we are realists--we don't go around lighting candles and setting off balloons, and harping on day after day with the same useless spiel and refusing to listen to the arguments or suggestions of others.

The petition, you say, will not get many signatures.

Therefore in that respect we are miles ahead of you. Also, and more to the point, none of you know to what extent some of us are involved in this case, or the powers that some of us may wield.  

The importance of this petition is NOT in how many signatures it will acquire, but in that it was GRANTED in the first place, when yours was not. It means that someone, no matter how minuscule, is willing to listen to BOTH sides of the story, instead of the biased, one-sided claptrap which you peddle. You could therefore interpret this as the first seed having been planted. And believe me, from now on its growth will be vigorous.

I will say it again: I am NOT accusing anyone of ANYTHING, and I want to see Madeleine McCann found just as much as anyone else does, so that this case may be put to bed.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Leh Sighting: Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong?

The Leh "sighting" was mentioned again in today's Express newspaper. Kate McCann herself maintained it happened, the journo who reported it maintained it happened--the Leh Police maintain that it did not.

Two conflicting stories cannot be correct,…….

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Loonies Suggest Hiring Another Medium

Could this be the SUPREME insult to a missing child? Are these people really being serious--or just taking the piss?

Forget your "Baywatch Babes", "Hollyoaks Hunks" and "Justin Bieber" calendars, this is going to be next year's must have item. The "Madeleine McCann" calendar.
First of all, do NOT get me wrong. I am not mocking a missing child and would heartily welcome a calendar if it contained images of Madeleine herself.

 If anything, looking at that sweet, innocent little face each day and wondering what had happened to her, or whether she would ever come home, most certainly would tug at the toughest of heartstrings. 

But THIS calendar--it is grotesque, it is naff beyond belief, and above all a MOCKERY. 

I would defy anyone to convince me that its creator, a Staffordshire housewife named Julie Hancock, has not been quaffing the giggle-water.

Says ……………..
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