quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Madeleine McCann e Gonçalo Amaral

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In a few weeks time a  cupboard labelled Evidence Supporting the 

Parents’ Claims since 2007 will be delivered to a Lisbon court, 

there to sit making its own silent statement. 

A thin and angry M/S Isabel Duarte will attempt to get it draped 

with grey cloth in order, she will shout, “not to distract the court”. 

Having failed to do so she will refer to its bulging contents 

throughout the rest of the libel trial but will be unable to find a way of opening it.

And that’s it, because shortly thereafter 

 the Truth of the Lie was published and with it went any chance 

of the McCanns retreating from the lights 

as long as Amaral remained alive: silence in the face of his claims 

would have been treated as acceptance and thus they had to sue. 

Ever since then Amaral has given them  no choice 

but to remain in the news, either defending themselves 

against the increasingly convincing claims being 

made against them in court or by fund raising to maintain the litigation effort.

The claim doesn’t stand up when the record, rather than the hope, 

is examined. 

The fact is that since May 3 2007 the couple have held a wolf by the ears: passive silence and withdrawal  has never been an option. 

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