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#McCann : Philip Edmonds , nephew of Margaret Hodge in PDL same time as the McCanns

A very interesting conversation going on at the Missing Madeleine forum...I say interesting because Russell O'Brien denied in his statement Madeleine was around or photographed the day of May 3rd and yet here we have Philip Edmonds claiming to have images of Madeleine from that very day...


Mr Amaral writes: “Coming the time for the adult’s dinner, the children again stay alone at home. In the restaurant "Tapas"’s reception book, a more diligent worker writes down the dinner booking and annotates that some elements of that group of tourists would get up from time to time, to go see the children who are in the apartments. [9]

There was another trainee receptionist on duty on this day; Elise Romão, so is the suggestion here that she wrote the note in the book, or even another note?

Goncalo Amaral later writes about the debate in the police crisis room:[10]:

“- It’s incomprehensible that an eventual predator would have the audacity of going inside an apartment and withdraw from it a child, having to suppose that the parents could arrive at any moment.
- That predator had to know the habits of parents and had to be sure of what he was going to do.
- Another reason for that not to fall correctly into place... one of the two:either someone gave him the knowledge of such habits, and there we have to think of the "Tapas" restaurant staff or then he's hung around, studying the vicinity...
- If he studied the vicinity why did he go in through the front door and went out of the window, or even the other way around,
the only door that was open was the one that goes to the pool area.
- Yes… there would have been easy to go in and out and run less risks of being seen.
- The child’s parents say that when they noticed Madeleine’s disappearance, the bedroom’s window was open and the front door closed
- And if they’re not telling the truth?”


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