sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011

Força, Jack Tims !

A smile, Jack ! Smile, smile,smile ! 

Rupert Murdoch's Victims

Murdoch gutter press have blood on their hands are they trying to victimize a future suicide ?

Also, will the Sun investigate and make pariahs of those who have opened the following equally revolting Facebook pages? :

Kate & Gerry McCann: If Carlsberg Did Bullshitters
Should Kate & Gerry McCann Be In Prison?
Prosecute Kate & Gerry McCann
Arrest Kate & Gerry McCann Now
Kate & Gerry McCann: Guilty Of Child Neglect
Gerry & Kate McCann Know What Happened
100,000 Members & David Gold Will Release Madeleine
Gerry & Kate McCann: We Know You Killed Madeleine
Maddie McCann's Vagina  (K8´s book, page 129 by Her Mother!) 

The couple is evil!

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