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Foreword: this post is intended to be understood ONLY by a very selective group of people who we know follow very attentively this blog. To all our other readers, our apologies for this "enigmatic" post. 

In the most famous triangle of the world, the Bermuda Triangle, things disappeared without explanation. 
There’s another triangle, known to few, which we’ll call the “Adultch" Triangle, which is defined by AMSTERDAM – VENLO – ROERMOND,which as unlikely as it seems, may have played a significant part in the Maddie McCann Affair

In this triangle, "Adult Only" interests are catered for. Very, very adult interests. "Adultch" is the resulting compression of the word "Adult" with"Dutch"

The first, is the intent, the latter the location. Mind you, we believe that this is but one of many existing "Triangles"

But this one is very well known within the few we know know it. 

The thing about this particular triangle, is that, unlike its Bermuda  counterpart, it might explain many, many unexplained things. 

You see, in the Bermuda Triangle, people from the outside, came inside it and unexplainably disappeared

But in the "Adultch" Triangle, people come mainly from the outside, gathered in a "somewhere" inside, and come out as if they were never in it

But while they were there, there were many, many a story to be forever untold, and we're not going to be the ones to tell them. Not that we know any, that is. What we know is from hearsay. 

But this "Adultch Triangle", just might explain the cover-up of a disappearance

Both, the cover-up and disappearance, or disappearance and cover-up to put them in the correct order, happened many, many miles away. 

It brings to memory a certain Ler tudo aqui e ver também o mapa
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