terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2011

O inevitável



Things are going rather well

The phone-hacking affair offers much entertainment to the  humble onlooker: 
the BBC’s lofty pretence that it is an innocent party above the struggle, for example, 
rather than a lamed bureaucracy battling for its future against a more focused adversary; 
the pleasurable sight of the flames licking at the feet of oily fraudster Piers Morgan,
 ex-editor of the London Mirror; the sudden  appearance of Queen Elizabeth I 
in her beloved parliament  and, of course, the use of the words “shocked”
 and “shocking” by innumerable media hacks, as if they could be shocked 
by anything except their own redundancy notices.


Even better

How appropriate that this clean-up of the stables is being accompanied

 by the disintegration of the lie machine called Team McCann, the...........................

Quite what the impact will be on the media when the inevitable happens

 and the parents are unmasked – courtesy of Amaral and Leicester police 

– we do not know. Individually they will manage: neither Keir Simmons

 nor the rest will lose their jobs and others will simply slip by, hoping the public

 will forget what they once said or wrote. 

But the fact that their great rivals, the wicked people of the internet, the fantasists, 

the haters, were nearer to the truth than the supposed experts of the overground media, 

will deliver a nasty blow to their credibility, and hence their wallets, at roughly

 the same time as the new measures regarding relations with the government

 and the police are introduced.

Goodness, it will be such fun to mock them.

Posted by john blacksmith
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