quarta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2011

O casal fala do crime e riem-se !!!!


" McCanns: Searching using THEIR OWN money !

Looking for Madeleine McCann - Sunday Night  

(McCann PROPAGANDA at it's very best )

Toward the end of the tape well coached presenter has been told to say the search for Maddie @ 13.30...'using THEIR OWN money' 

'They loved to photograph her and she loved being photographed'?....not much evidence of photographs from PDL...the last photo , another one of their many lies.

McCanns four years on, comfortable enough to talk about their crime...and cocky enough to ask why would we ? 

ONLY they know the answer to that question...

Their cottage industry is quite safe.

14 minutos e 21 segundos de auto propaganda descarada.

 Falam sobre os  seus crimes e riem - se  quando foi  lhes é  sugerido  Madeleine morreu no apartamento. Tão arrogantes e manhosos com a mania   que  são espertos.

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