domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011


............................ " Generally, both authors agree that the McCanns are most likely to be hiding something. Mr Cristóvão has repeatedly stated that he believes in an accidental death, which was followed by a cover-up by the parents, probably with the aid of one or more of their friends – the concealment of the cadaver, which could have been carried out either in the scrublands in and around Luz, or into the sea. This was followed by an attempt to force the abduction theory both on the police and on the media, further supported by political and economical interferences from the United Kingdom."

................... " The level of political interference reached one of its peaks, when the McCanns, already under arguido status, were allowed to leave the country, and even received VIP treatment to do so."

.................... " Another issue that was largely discussed was that the British secret services were present, in Praia da Luz, from the early hours of the 4th of May. Secret service agents have a permanent presence in all embassies, all over the world. They often occupy merely symbolic posts, like secretaries to the ambassador, or cultural aides. The surveillance of Mr Amaral was not made by journalists, but rather by secret service agents, which became evident by the accuracy with which his movements were tracked, and later reported through the media."

............ " When asked about where they think the body of Madeleine may have been hidden, the authors mentioned that the sea provides a good hiding place, but also that he does not believe that the terrain, within a radius of 15 kms around Praia da Luz, was searched thoroughly enough to assure that there is not a possibility that the corpse is buried somewhere, not far from the Ocean Club. "

...... "  All in all, for those who have been following the case, and for those who have read the books or the summaries that have been posted online, there were no major surprises, but rather a serene confirmation of many of our suspicions. Mr Cristóvão made an appeal of sorts – that the public, while careful about the information that is being published, and careful not to read too much into every single detail that is in the media, should be prepared for the possibility that this case ends up being archived. Not because the police have not done their job as best they could, but because the level of political interference has been very intense – an aspect that was strongly corroborated by Francisco Carvalho, throughout the evening. But Mr Cristóvão left a note of hope, that the truth may be revealed in many (even unexpected) ways, that Madeleine deserves not to be forgotten, and that her memory deserves justice. "
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