quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011

Como são as " notícias"

#hackgate #Murdoch's #SkyNews censors information from Portugal.

Astounding to watch footage censored from Portugal by SKY News...Why was it censored ? That is a very good question, let me see if I can answer.

The McCanns claim no one is searching for their daughter. The McCanns want a review of the case and NOT for it to be re-opened. NOW for the case to be re-opened and the investigation to continue in the search for Madeleine ALL the McCanns have to do is ask, write a letter or return for a reconstruction of the nights events from May 3rd 2007. They won't.!

In this footage Gerry McCann is questioned by a Portuguese reporter asking him to return for a reconstruction, this would help to find Madeleine he tells Gerry...Gerry responds YES ,IF THIS WILL HELP WE WILL PARTICIPATE.......The reporter asks Gerry ' will you go TODAY and ask for the case to be re-opened.'? ( CUT, CENSORED BY SKY NEWS)

Free Expression Case: The News as they Are

It's a new world out there - a world where information is no longer privilege of a few.
Don't let anyone sell you what you can see by yourself if you want to buy or not.

The McCanns did not ask the Portuguese police that day to re-open the case nor did they return for a reconstruction as Gerry McCann told the reporter he would  to find Madeleine...instead they talk about reviews and beg the public for money, well they do not need money if they return for the reconstruction this will re-open the case and the POLICE will continue the investigation ...BUT Murdoch, Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns forbid you to know this, so they gag and censor !

This footage cut and not seen by the British public WHY ?

Why would Clarence Mitchell and Murdochs Sky News do this ?


AND what do the McCanns have to do with Hackgate ? well Day 120 was a very interesting day.

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