sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Péssimo estatuto de " celebridades"

They are not celebrities;

"And why is everyone so bothered about what they were doing where when and why rather that trying to help find out what happened to the little girl?

I'm afraid to say now it's fairly obvious Maddie is dead and she will never be found. Unless she turns up 20 years later speaking Arabic or something.

Its people like you who have made them celebrities by keeping them in the public's attention which is why you asked this question and made them even more famous. Just because this little girl has not been found after 1 year means nothing. Remember the Austrian kids all hidden for 24 years.

They're still famous because there is still so much mystery about what happened to Madeleine.

And it's obvious that they hold the answers.

Also, they're trying to play cat and mouse with the Portuguese police and everyone wonders what the result will be.

Because they have spent the last year seeking celebrity. they are publicity junkies. Admittedly, the publicity was initially for their daughter, but after a few months they seemed to become addicted to it and Madeleine was just an afterthought.

They have made sure they are treated as celebrities instead of the worried parents of a missing child. they seem more interested with their profile than in helping the police with their enquiries.

They have 'celebrity status' because they have the money to have it!! Simple as that!! happy days!!

Because they been in the news everyday for the past year like all the other so called famous for nothing people.

they became famous because of their campaign to find madeleine they went all over europe and got loads of media attention. now they are trying to make an european alert system for missing people like the one in america.

The only status they have is Arguido status and the PJ are still investigating this case.

They have no other status.

Because they are wasting money looking for their 'dead' daughter and the everyoneone thinks it 'sweet'. when its just a load of crap, children go missin everyday big whoop.

Jack the Ripper had celebrity status…

With your powers of speculation and clairvoyance I wonder what you will all be spending your lottery winnings on?

Celebrity status is due to race & sex…..Which is what has this election so heated. Race & Sex.

Because they killed their child, and they still refuse to give themselves up….

I'm afraid to say now it's fairly obvious Maddie is dead?

u wouldnt be saying that if it was your daughter

They are not celebrities; they are grieving parents who have lost their child and did their best to get her face known around the world in hopes of finding her again."

Eles não colaboraram com a investigação; não procuraram a Filha e não contam nada a não ser mentiras e andam sempre na colheita de dinheiro, além de fazerem mal a Outros.

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