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The McCann Connection: Now I See

At the very end of the article below, the writer, Peter Burden, asks:
If the MPs had asked Yates if he knew who sponsored the Annual Police Bravery awards, I wonder if they would have been surprised to hear that it is in fact the Screws stable-mate, the Sun,

Well, I can't speak for the MPs, but I'm most certainly surprised 
to be made aware of this little nugget. And having been made 
aware of it; my, how things do drop into place.What am
 I talking about? Probably the most singular bizarre incident 
in the whole of the Madeleine McCann affair, even more bizarre 
than Jim Gamble's unequivocal support of Kate and Gerry McCann, 
the appearance as guest of honour of Gerry McCann, 
at the NPIA's Annual Police Bravery awards; 
sponsors, News International.Pray forgive me 
if this is common knowledge, as you will have 
no doubt gathered, this is a revelation to me.

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