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O Expresso; o Sol e os McCann e o grande amigo David Payne.

04 MAI 07   Menina britânica desapareceu ontem do quarto de hotel

11:38 Sexta feira, 4 de maio de 2007

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A three-year British girl disappeared last night in a resort of Lagos.

Parents say they had left the apartment to sleep while they were dining,

and that their return has not found

and windows were forced open

The case is now being reported by British newspapers and SkyNews.

  A British couple says their daughter, a girl named Madeleine three years, was kidnapped last night from the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Lagos.

  The couple said what left Madeleine sleeping with two twin brothers two years, while he was dining at a restaurant nearby,

  and that when he returned the girl had disappeared and the windows were forced open

The girl is being sought by some 30 military and National Guard of the western Algarve cinotécnicas two teams (binomial human / dog) throughout the Praia da Luz, even among traders,

  but the searches so far have not led to any clues about the whereabouts of the child, said Lieutenant Colonel Costa Cabral.

  The searches are to have the support of the PSP of Lagos andPortimão Judicial Police for not being put aside in case of kidnapping.

The National Guard received alert parents at 23.50 yesterday.

A family friend,
.Jill Renwick , said the couple left the girl in the room to sleep at around eight at night, what went there at nine and found it good, but once again went to the room at ten o'clock at night, the girl had disappeared

According to Dave Payne, a friend of the child's parents who accompanied them at the dinner that took place while the girldisappearedthe couple suspected that her daughter was the victim of a premeditated kidnapping, due to how the suspectsentered the apartment without alerting the other children and withoutpossessions.

The friend states that were having dinner in a restaurant that is located in the Ocean Club resort, a few dozen meters from the apartment where the family was staying for about a week andvisibility to the front of it.
When given the disappearance of the child, the parents thought that she was in the apartment or had left briefly, because the child's bedroom door was open.

However, it was when they came across grills of the windows of this room forced (located in the rear of the apartment and not visible from the restaurant) who suspected that something serious had happened.

Inside the room, the twins continued to sleep without any agitation appear, also said Dave Payne.

The missing girl, Madeleine McCann, is blonde, about to complete four years of age.

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