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Gonçalo Amaral


Goncalo Amaral : Instructions are given against the McCanns and their lawyer.

 Gonçalo Amaral has lodged an official complaint to the Department of Investigation and Prosecution in Lisbon (D.I.A.P)

The Supreme Court lifted the ban and authorized the sale  of 'Maddie, the Truth of the Lie' . Several months have now passed and the seized books in total 7,500  have not been returned by the McCanns lawyer.

The complaint made ​​to the DIAP-Department of Investigation and Prosecution in Lisbon,  is in relation to any crime of destruction of items placed in the public domain, including 7,500 books,"Maddie, the Truth Lies", of which Dr.Goncal Amaral is the author and who were in possession of Kate McCann, Gerry McCann and Dr Isabel Duarte Soares Velho , appointed trustees of the books since September 2009 .

Decisions had been made in the Portuguese Supreme Court, the injunction overturned and agreed that the books would be returned to their rightful owner, Dr.Amaral.

The McCanns lawyer confirmed that she as a trustee, is exemplary and as such would never destroy something entrusted to her by the Court.

Dr.Amaral also states that other losses have been brought to him by the actions of the McCanns.

Great damage has been caused to me and my family, but especially my family, and this includes the ongoing libel lawsuit which is still pending.

Forclosures of copyright for example of the documentary:

Forclosures that destroyed a Criminal Consulting company by this couple and their lawyer. There were a number of things I was unable to undertake actively at the time..

With the complaint that goes to the DIAP, Gonçalo Amaral is now awaiting the return of the 7,500 copies of "Maddie, the Truth of the  Lie. " 



Note: The document was made available by Carter Ruck, the McCanns lawyers, as an attachment to a letter that was sent to several sites and blogs who have published excerpts of Gonçalo Amaral book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie', in an attempt to close or threat them with a lawsuit. Our copy was downloaded from wikileaks.

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