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Então, agora sabemos...

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts
28 July 2011

They haven't got a clue down under - literally. The reporter......................
But the best is yet to come.


"Did you kill your daughter?"

"No. That's an emphatic 'no.'"

This is Gerry speaking don't forget. For any other innocent mortal 'Absolutely not' would have been a sufficient response. Not for Gerry though. Despite his subsequent claim, he gives a decidedly unemphatic answer - 'No.' 

What follows is meta-language, where he is describing his earlier articulation of a word and does not address the underlying semantics in any way. Incoherent and unnecessary expansion then takes us away from the original question, referencing what has been 'purported' in Portugal, namely that 'Madeleine died in the apartment by an accident and we hid her body.'

Next comes a cunning locking of the incident to a specific time frame, with the suggestion that Madeleine could only have had an accident when unattended. But Gerry slips up in questioning how it would have been possible for them to havedisposed of Madeleine's body. In immediately substituting the phrase hidden her body he has already told us what in fact happened. Excitedly he goes on to ask why the parents should have covered up an accident. Why indeed.

The script, charitably outlined by Goncalo Amaral and fleshed out here by the McCanns, so as to exonerate themselves, depends entirely for its effect upon the premise that little Madeleine disappeared inexplicably that Thursday night; a premise that becomes less clear the closer it is examined.

And Gerry is right. It wouldn't make sense to conceal an accident.


What's in a name?

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts
27 July 2011

Olhem para as assinaturas.

We'll leave the last word with Kate:

"Wednesday, 2 May, 2007. Our last completely happy day. Our last, to date, as a family of five." (p.59).

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