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By John Blacksmith
Monday, 18 July 2011 at 14:17

Ready for the vultures
First of all I had a few requests to ..........................

Who knows where that one could lead? Would it weaken the industry of news management itself rather than the increasingly obsolescent power of the proprietors and channel owners? Would it change the tight machinery of newsfeed and presentation, information as product placement, practised by the revolting Mitchell and his like in the McCann case, replacing, to revert to the metaphor, the dodgy travel agent world and its associated bribery and corruption via the newspaper travel pages, with the more anarchic and slightly less easily manipulated world of Trip Advisor? Here's hoping.

Now what about this mystery? Ah yes, another post.



........... Is it possible that Clarence Mitchell, whilst clearly at the heart of ‘PR’ in the UK, knew nothing of News International’s endemic criminality?
Or were the McCann’s ‘off limits’ as a result of Clarence’s involvement?................."
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