segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011

Privacidade,mentiras e câmaras de vídeo.

Artigo de opinião completo na ligação indicada, acima.

 ........"Naturally, there are some people in Portugal who would be prepared to give up some of that privacy, if indeed the presence of cctv cameras would help reduce the crime rate, acting as a factor to dissuade potential criminals. But it seems that there is no guarantee that this would be the case - as abundant examples, precisely from the UK, seem to indicate.

The debate about cctv cameras in public areas will continue in Portugal, independently of the opinion of prominent couples in England and their obedient newspapers. It is not a debate about cost; it is a debate about moral values and ethics. It is a debate about fundamental principles that many are not ready to sacrifice."

 Para mim, as câmaras de vigilância fizeram muita falta quando estes cá estiveram!
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