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Os 30 met em acção: Blog; twitter e facebook carter rucked?


Marisa Rodrigues, Journalist: What has started with an exchange of phone calls and emails about the Madeleine McCann process might be now the beginning of a private investigation. Along with Gonçalo Amaral, a group of former police inspectors from various countries have one certainty: the girl died in the Ocean Clubs apartment.

Gonçalo Amaral: We are working on the death, the death of the child, which is an agreed point. And we are trying to understand what we can do in terms of diligences [coordinating investigative steps] to inspect the circumstances and the causes of that death; and afterwards we will inform the Attorney General of the result of that analysis.

MR: The group, which comprises four retired police inspectors, investigates at their own expenses and without the use of funds. The objective is the reopening of the process.

GA: The case should never have been archived; to be reopened it is a usual procedure. There are still many diligences to be made, they are in the process when it was archived; and that situation has to be emphasized and has to lead to the reopening of the process.

MR: Two years after the disappearance Gonçalo Amaral does not give up, and asks for political bravery to those who have the power to reopen the process.

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