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OOPS.............. UPSSSSSSSSSS .....KateMcC!

So, basically, she’s CONFESSING, very LOUDLY and CLEARLY, that she knows that there was a source from which that found DNA had come from: the unabducted Maddie’s body.

( a cópia começa com um comentário, no blog indicado)

"And we can add one more fact here: the rental car company, call them and ask them to hand the car back because the car belongs to Renault Portugal and needs to be handed back. The rental car could immediatelly provide them a new car. 

They refused it and never handed the car back, onlly after running away, on sep 2007. 

They wanted the scenic. why?

Imagine, if you rented a car and the company gave you strong reasons to change the car, and you are a tourist? Would you hand the car back or you force the company to make you another contract with same car? On which grounds? 

Only a strong reason can leave somebody on that situation. 

Will be interesting to know which excuse they gave to the rental car to keep the scenic. Must be on the closed files.

In the files was also reported that they have been seen visiting some people in Lagos and they arrive with twins in a small car, not the scenic. they use another car to transport the twins.

 Then, where was the scenic? 

What was the use of the scenic? 

They appear on it every time they call the media, but that was programed. 

Could be intentionally to show the car and stop the eyes of neighbors or a inquisitive journalist.

 Nothing on this  guys was spontaneous or natural."

O artigo completo, aqui

o qual começa assim:

There are many, many “Oops… I think I’ve just confessed” moments in Kate McCanns book, “Madeleine”.

This is one of them. On pages 241 and 242:

This is what she says:............................

.................. How feasible would it be to plant Maddie’s DNA in ANY PLACE if she was indeed ABDUCTED? Only by the abductor............

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