terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

Muito bom, muito bom..... Obrigada!


He was born in Lisbon, in 1960. Journalist, he was known to the great public through reports he signed from East-Timor and the Afghanistan, works that brought along the recognition of his peers, who granted him the two greater rewards of journalism in Portugal. He is journalist-auditor of National Defense. For the public network, he has produced reports of war in Bosnia, Honduras, Timor, Ghana, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has made a little of everything, from agenda service to great features. He has integrated the teams Ponto por Ponto, 24 Horas, Histórias da Noite and Telejornal, being dedicated to the areas of Defense and Home Administration. He sets out in 2003 to publish news articles in O Independent, Sábado e Correio da Manhã. He returns to the television through the door of SIC, where he signs police chronicles in the morning programs. Later, he accepted an invitation to set up a publishing project in Angola, but he quickly understands to have fallen in a hoax. In early 2007, at the invitation of Jose Eduardo Moniz, he returns to the TV. For TVI, he signs the chronicle Crime, he says, co-operates with the editorial staff and several programs of the network. With a degree in Psychology, he made further studies in the area of Sciences of Religion. He is married and has two children. He owns the professional card of journalist nr. 2371.
At an age of thirty one, he admits owing to his profession some of the best experiences of his life. Journalist since 1999, he started in the television. From feeling rivers of sweat under the burning heat of the Sahara, to the almost paralyzing coldness of the Alps, he has reported a little of everything in the twenty countries where has already been in reporting task. No more than eight years of work were enough to have interviewed so different people as Jorge Sampaio, António Guterres, Claudia Schiffer, Paulo Coelho or Rui Costa, among many others. Disciplined and rigorous, he accepts challenges as a football player in a final. In the British press, he works for the Football Business, the Racing Post and the ALONE Fisher's Travel. Started in RTP, then TVI, has been in the diary 24 Horas, then moved to the morning programs of SIC and returned to TVI, where he is reporter of the program Você na TV! teaming up with Hernâni Carvalho in Crime, Disse Ele. A bachelor, he grew up between Sesimbra and Seixal. Took a degree in Social Communication in the Superior Institute of Social and Policy Sciences. Owns the professional card of journalist nr. 4875.
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