quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

Morte muito comprometedora

....... " But let’s freeze time at the exact time we believe Maddie McCann died:around 18:30 on May 3rd, 2007.

We do this so that we can analyse what each party had to lose, AT THAT PRECISE MOMENT, or thought it had to lose when it first realized how compromising Maddie’s death was.

Before you think we’re going into highly secret, or scientifically secret, reasons, let me clarify those that are new to the blog, that Maddie’sdeath was compromising because it was an inexplicably violent death of a child (we still believe it to have happened unwittingly) in the middle of a swinging holiday."....................

................... " All they know is that they have a dead child on their hands, whose cadaver bears the marks of a violent demise, and they just don’t want anyone to know that they were there when that happened.

And if it had to be known that they were there in fact, that would be tolerable (for some, for others, not even that was to be known), but what was NOT PERMITTED was to be known of the WHY they were there. The UK has very little PUBLIC tolerance for any sexual "deviations"..."

............. " Yes, there was an “actor” keen to please, a Dr. Gerald McCann, who, if others like the Smiths had cooperated, would have played the role of his life. A BAFTA in the very least.

His "we're not here to have fun", seems to indicate that they were to be introduced to a "higher" circle of people. This was to be their trial run, their initiation ceremony. Besides David Payne, who appears to be the connecting point between the T-Team and the other two, all others had very little influence, if any at all. " 

Am I exempting the McCanns from any of their guilt? Absolutely in no way.

Once you understand this triangle, things will become much, much more clear. Then, if you "submit" David Payne's "piece" to Gamble's one, and not the other way around, you'll find that it just slides in perfectly.

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