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Maddie ou Maddy e o Seany

Pat Brown, in her recent book, said that she could not understand why the McCanns had refused to recognise the Smith sighting, and why they had never suggested that the man could simply have been a Gerry McCann lookalike...

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By Dr Martin Roberts
17 June 2011

With you, for you, and about you petal.

....... "  
3. "On Madeleine's sixth birthday, 12 May 2009, I met Isabel Duarte for the first time." (p.338).

Taking last things first, why should readers need confirmation of Madeleine's date of birth so late on in the book? Could it be due to the uncertainty engendered by the author's earlier calculations? Unless one counts only to the last completed month, Madeleine would have been nearer eight months old in January. The same question arises in connection with statement no. 2. Even as early as the first of the month, Madeleine could not have been 'just twenty months' on 1 February 2005, if she were born on 12 May, 2003. She would have been well into her twenty-first.

May 12 is not the only date to give Kate McCann pause for thought. May 3 is another. And not only on account of its obvious associations with Madeleine’s being 'taken.'

...... " Lurid detail being reserved of course for page 129:

"Haltingly, I told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body, her perfect little genitals torn apart..."

Under a more family friendly certificate we have:

"...the press know what her name is and yet to this day they insist on calling her Maddie or Maddy. I find it quite disrespectful." (p.349).

Perhaps then, Kate might at some time account for her own disrespect toward Madeleine's younger brother:

"For the rest of that day I would hear Seany wandering around the house." (p.270).

"Seany arrived in the early hours of the morning and positioned himself towards the middle of our bed, with me and Gerry then squeezed together on one side."(p.277).

9 May
"Seany is a big soft 'Mummy’s boy' which is nice." (p.304).

"'Hand him to me and walk away. He'll be fine,' she said confidently. I'm sure she was right, though it wasn't much fun having to watch my little Seany, all red faced, blotchy and sobbing." (p.359).
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