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Kate McCann: tens tido vários avisos..... Toma mais um!

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The Devil's Finger is in the Detail


Parte final do post e um comentário elucidativo- há que o ler, completo, na ligação acima indicada:

" It would be ironic if Kate's book, hinting at an inside job, relied on a source which she had banned from distribution, wouldn't it?

The weather-vane of this story has swung in many directions, but Kate's book seems to be taking us back to its initial position. To recap, Robert Murat made the following infamous observation to David Jones of The Daily Mail on June 2nd 2007:

“ Basically, I'm just an ordinary straightforward guy who's the victim of the biggest f.... up on the planet”, but the rest of the quote is less well remembered “If you want my opinion, it had to involve someone on the inside who works at the Ocean Club.”

So beware, Ocean Club employees, as the finger seems to be pointing back at you! " 

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No surprise. Since the first time, the sun serialized that passage of Kate claiming that a receptionist at the pool booked the tapas dinner with a message on the side saying their kids were left alone, I am sure that has an agenda. 


 I will be not surprised if on one of the next interviews, the McCanns come with idea of the abductor entering the flat using a key. They have to found an explanation for the absence of damages in the window and the main door while passing the message of a good parenting.

Unfortunnatly for you Kate, less people are so stupid like yourself and the dirty game you are playing will work against you. 

The public have been waiting, patiently for the day you incendiate some of the OC workers, letting them to break the silence and "spill the beans".

 In my modest opinion ,I also believe some OC workers ( 1 or2) become implicated, forced by their employer, not in the abduction, BUT IN HELPING YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND TO GET RIDE OF THE BODY.

 All your words are directed to that persons, to scare them, to intimidate, to try to keep their mouth closed. 

But you know, the human nature has a big inprevisibility and in Portugal, they have a very known sentencje which is leaving that people very alert regarding your "esperteza saloia": "QUEM SE LIXA E SEMPRE O MEXILHAO".

Maybe at that time, the " MEXILHAO" will be strong enough to disable your game.

Remember, Socrates is over and he leave the power trough a small door. 

The country has a special door reserved for you, your husband and your britisjh friends who help you get ride of your daughter.

At Mccannfiles, Dr. Martin Roberts has 2 interesting articles about your lies, Kate, and why you do a great job to achieve the truth and catch your lies, every time you open your mouth. exactly Kate- keep talking.
Jun 11, 2011 11:57:00 AM

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