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" Falso alarme "

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com
By Dr Martin Roberts25 June 2011


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EXCLUSIVA para mccannfiles.com

Por Dr. Martin Roberts
25 Junio 2011

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com
By Dr Martin Roberts25 June 2011


A espada de dois gumes em cima da cabeça do GMcCann mas, foi ele a " incorporar" o avistamento da J.T.

.......This must have been something of a double-edged sword for Gerry, and possibly explains why he sat head bowed, at the table, while others discussed and annotated the all-important timelines (versions 1 and 2) around him. He was no doubt thinking through, even then, how best to incorporate this unexpected revelation into the account ........

Interessa-nos o detalhe do avistamento e o seu depoimento a 4 de Maio de 2007 (J.T.)

....The only detail of Jane Tanner's that need concern us here, however, is the approximate time of her 'sighting,' which we can allow her to fix for us with reference to her own witness statement to police on 4 May, 2007, when events will clearly have been freshest in her mind.....

Shortly after 9.15 p.m. then (a little earlier, a little later, it makes no difference really); comfortably after 9.00 p.m. in any event. This is the factor to register.

Nesse mesmo dia,GG.McC. prestou o seu depoimento.....

Gerry McCann too made a statement to police that day, and here is an excerpt from it:.....

Six days later (10 May) Gerry made a further statement, not dissimilar to .......except for inclusion of the following:..........

que esteve no apartamento durante 2 ou 3 minutos mas não foi a nenhum dos quartos...

"He adds that he did not enter any other part of the residence, where he was for only two or three minutes..."

 No livro, KMcC. descreve o que os OUTROS disseram,fizeram,sentiram etc incluindo o episódio 
sobre a verificação do  G.McCann .....às 9:05 p.m.

Predictably there are quite a number of instances where Kate McCann, in her book 'Madeleine,' takes it upon herself to describe what others said, did, felt etc., including an episode on p.70 (paragraph 3), where she describes Gerry's 'check' at 9.05 p.m.

A 10 de Maio diz que apenas foi à casa de banho....

In his own (10 May) statement to police Gerry McCann is at pains to emphasize that he did not enter any other room (except the bathroom).

 Ela ( pinta a cena )...... pois apenas da porta viu as crianças e, como não entrou nem viu o raptor......

Now, under the guise of 'artistic licence,' Kate could quite easily have dressed this brief visit up in all sorts of thoughts attributed to husband Gerry, as he stared down at his 'three beautiful children' from the doorway to their bedroom (without going fully inside and tripping over the abductor of course).

A KMcC embeleza desnecessáriamente ....

Kate McCann seen fit to include an unnecessary embellishment; one that is not completely in tune with the facts one supposes Gerry might have confirmed to her? She had only to refer to his statements in the files after all.

A parede  vazia permite que a porta abra a 90º

In her diagram, Kate shows the door to their bedroom as hinged to the right, opening from the left. Although the police plan omits this detail, forensic photographs taken inside the apartment show quite clearly that this door is actually hinged on the left, opening to 90 degrees, in line with the bare wall.

O roupeiro..

Gerry's hypothetical viewpoint, reveal that this is still obstructed; not by the door any longer, but by the wardrobe. 

In comparing the picture taken of the empty beds with the view looking out from the room it becomes apparent just how far inside the room the photographer had to stand in order to photograph (and hence to see) both beds in their entirety. 

é assim que a KMcC que não estava ali o corpinho de .....

So how is it that Kate McCann knows there was 'no little body' on their bed for Gerry to see at 9.05 p.m. that night? 

Isto leva-nos à J.T.......e às 9:15 p.m.

Which brings us full-circle to the sighting, by Jane Tanner, of Madeleine McCann's supposed abductor at approximately 9.15 p.m.

 Regardless of whom Jane Tanner may or may not have seen carrying a child in arms at that time, the child could not have been Madeleine McCann if she were no longer in the apartment by 9.05. 

Ela sabe tudo e até contradiz tudo e todos....

Of course Gerry McCann claimed he saw Madeleine in her own room that night, under the very conditions in which Kate would be unable to 'make her out' less than an hour later. 

Kate has however contradicted Gerry's account of his own visit, in giving everyone a somewhat altered 'account of the truth.' 

And she 'knows what happened.' Not only, therefore, is Gerry McCann's statement about his three children called into question, but it is appropriate to recognize that, if it took the various parents barely 45 seconds to return to their respective apartments from the Tapas bar, then it certainly did not take 15 - 20 mins. for someone to carry a 'little body' across the street. 

Em espanhol, aqui onde pode ler a tradução completa.

"Al parecer, no fue sin cierta reticencia, que Jane Tanner le confió a sus amigos Rachael, Fiona, Russell, Matt, Dave y por último los McCann, lo que ella creyó ser su avistamiento de un secuestro. Esto debe haber sido algo así como un arma de doble filo para Gerry, y posiblemente explica por qué se sentó cabizbajo, en la mesa, mientras otros discutían y anotaban los tan importantes timelines (versiones 1 y 2) a su alrededor. Sin duda, estaba considerando, incluso entonces, la mejor forma de incorporar esta inesperada revelación en la versión (ver artículo, A Tanner in the Works, for discussión). Sin embargo, el único detalle de Jane Tanner que nos interesa aquí, es la hora aproximada de su “avistamiento”, que podemos extraer de su declaración como testigo a la policía del 4 de mayo de 2007, cuando claramente los hechos estarían más frescos en su memoria.

“Ella recuerda que sobre las 21h10 Gerald salió del restaurante para ir al apartamento para controlar a los niños. Cinco minutos después, salió la testigo, para ir a su apartamento para ver si sus hijas estaban bien. En este momento vio a Gerry hablando con hombre inglés llamado Jez...

“Pasó junto a ellos sabiendo que Gerry ya había estado en el apartamento para controlar a sus hijos.

“Entretanto apareció un hombre, transportando una criatura... Notó la presencia del individuo exactamente cuando pasaba junto a Gerry y Jez que estaban hablando...”

Poco después de las 21h15 (un poco antes, un poco después, en realidad no hay diferencia); en cualquier caso holgadamente después de las 21h00. Este es un factor a tener en cuenta.

Gerry McCann también realizó una declaración a la policía aquel día y he aquí un extracto del mismo:

“...a las 21h05, el declarante entró en el apartamento, utilizando su llave, estando la puerta cerrado (con llave) y fue al dormitorio de los niños y notó que los gemelos y Madeleine estaban en perfectas condiciones. Después fue al baño, donde permaneció durante unos instantes, salió del apartamento y se cruzó entonces con alguien con quien había jugado al tenis.”

Seis días después (10 de mayo)..................  Ler o artigo completo, em espanhol:


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