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Uma canção triste para todos os Meninos e Meninas já no Céu.

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Mais uma Homenagem !

The Flower that wasn't meant to Blossom in May

A Tribute to Maddie from .....

"A Reminiscence"

"And though thy transient life is o'er
'Tis sweet to think that thou hast been"

An extract from a poem by Anne Bronte.
To any reader who reads the poem in its entirety, it was written about a dear friend of Anne Bronte's. In no way are we suggesting that the poem refers to the resting place of Madeleine.

A Reminiscence

Yes, thou art gone! and never more
Thy sunny smile shall gladden me;
But I may pass the old church door,
And pace the floor that covers thee,

May stand upon the cold, damp stone,
And think that, frozen, lies below
The lightest heart that I have known,
The kindest I shall ever know.

Yet, though I cannot see thee more,
'Tis still a comfort to have seen;
And though thy transient life is o'er,
'Tis sweet to think that thou hast been;

To think a soul so near divine,
Within a form so angel fair,
United to a heart like thine,
Has gladdened once our humble sphere.

A Reminiscence por AwesomeWelles

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