quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2011

Os mentirosos patológicos


12/05/2011 at 3:36 am

Panda, it doesn’t matter if the McCanns have contradicted themselves. They can say what they want. They control the media. We are not allowed to point out their contradictions publicly. It’s against the law.
I watched what I could bear of the Piers Morgan interview, more correctly public relations piece. Piers Morgan is not what I thought he was. The man practically put words in the McCanns’ mouths to facilitate their answers. He even slipped in the word “retaliation” when discussing the decision of the Portuguese police to make them arguidos.
The McCanns could put forth all the lies they wanted without being challenged. Mr. McCann suggested that the man seen carrying a child by Mr. Smith and Mrs. Tanner were one and the same. Mr. McCann suggested that the shutters could be opened from the outside and that the resort area was a place where burglaries occurred frequently. They suggested that they had been offered a plea deal by the Portuguese authorities. I say suggested because Mrs. McCann didn’t say that yes they had been, she preferred to use the word “indirectly.” Mr. McCann even chuckled about the improbability of he and Mr. Wilkins having not seen the abductor that Mrs. Tanner had seen. It shouldn’t have happened but it did, he said.
The rest of the interview was about their devout religious beliefs, their tremendous suffering and their desire for a case review. And of course, asking people to buy the book.
I may have missed some things because I had to leave the room several times. It was that difficult for me to watch these pathological liars.

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