sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

Os direitos de Mad die !

Dear Kate,

I’ve finally received the copy of your book. Where I live, the mail is kind of slow, one of a handful of disadvantages among countless blessings.

My friend in the UK has refused to accept any refund for the “blood-money” she has given for your work of questionable art but, at least, of unquestionable bad taste. We in the blog all hope to find that the purchase of the book worth of our friend's real SACRIFICE. 

I now know not how to repay but the only option I’m left with is to send my friend my copy of Amaral’s book, and wait for the McCann's Portuguese lawyers to comply with the a Sovereign Country’s Court’s decision, and finally release the copies of the withheld books. Then I can ask my Portuguese friend who bought this one for me, to buy another.

Back then my Portuguese friend also refused any money. I’m almost tempted to feed the idea of setting up a library just on offered books. I only don’t do that because I have already set up one: my head is filled up with unforgettable memories shared with priceless friends.

I digress as always. No disrespect meant, ......................

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