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Dentro do 5A, os T9 e mais uns tantos utentes do O.C. ......

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The English decision to reopen the Maddie case is generating controversy and ill being within the Portuguese Judiciary Police (PJ), even with officers that recall that “the English are not better than the Portuguese”.

The English Prime Minister, David Cameron, decided to have the investigation into the Maddie case reopened, but PJ officers point out that “the English need authorization from the Portuguese authorities to investigate in our country, because they do not have competence to act in Portugal”.

Some high-ranking officers of the British police have equally criticized this decision, arguing that the money that is to be spent is more necessary for other cases. This situation has even been criticized by Lord Harris, a member of the Metropolitan Police, who peremptorily states: "It again embroils their officers in a high-profile investigation, where the chances of success are unclear, and which will divert limited investigative resources away from other matters."


According to members of the PJ that were contacted by O Diabo, the reopening of this case questions “the professionalism of our officers, who did everything that was possible to solve the child’s disappearance”, recalling that the English policemen are not better than our own.

Our sources recall that, despite “us having good criminal investigation labs”, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs, launching the suspicion over whether or not they were manipulated. “We let the English do everything that they want”, they say, recalling that this case “suffered various political influences, due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status”.

The officers that were contacted by O Diabo recognize that “some mistakes were made in the investigation, namely inside the apartment”, but they recall, in defence of their honour, that there are many identical cases that remain unsolved in England.

The Judiciary Police – they reveal – had already been warned that the Scotland Yard had the intention to analyse the case again. This does not mean, however, that the criminal process, which is under the Public Ministry’s tutelage, will be reopened. This process may be picked up again if new facts that contribute to the investigation’s development are discovered.

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Contrary to the general feelings within the PJ, ...................

A cena do crime foi alta e propositadamente contaminada pelos utentes do 5A e seus amigos.Permitiram, antes da chegada das Equipas Policiais, que muitos invadissem o local.


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