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Whitewash (updated)

No need to bother anymore. The PJ had realised their involvement days after she went missing. We have realised their involvement pretty soon. After a thorough look into the files there was no doubt left that they were involved.

I am clear in the knowledge of what happened that holiday. I am also convinced now that they had the means to get help from the Government in their cover-up.

The case is solved for me, my investigative mind is at rest. I have accepted that the world does not want to know the truth and that is fine with me.

There is not much left to discover, just to sit back and watch the final whitewash unfold. There will always be those that know and those that let themselves be deceived.

The McCanns and especially Kate as the main protagonist are not behind bars but have built their own prison worse than anything they would have had to expect had they admitted her death from the beginning. 

SUNDAY, 15 MAY 2011

A footnote, provided by Kate McCann

Signed by the assistant chief constable of Leicestershire it runs:
“While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence  that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”


This is typical of the UK media’s approach – to belittle the Portuguese Police and claim that the UK Police are the finest in the world. 

It seems very unlikely that justice is going to win through - £3.5 million down the drain after a whitewash seems the most likely outcome. 
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