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Será que o Martin Brunt sabe? Reparem:

Acontece que a mãe e o padrasto da Kiesha Abrahams foram presos hoje ou ontem, por homicídio da Miúda.  A  Polícia de lá não teve obstáculos na continuação da investigação......

Foram colocar flores ? E, foram seguidos. Cá, não deixaram.......

Like Madeleine McCann, Another Little Girl "Vanishes"

Martin Brunt

August 04, 2010 12:20 PM

So far, the story has reached only a little further than the Geelong Advertiser, a morning paper in Victoria.
But the circumstances of six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams's disappearance are likely to attract a far wider audience if Aussie detectives don't find her soon.
Her mother said she tucked Kiesha in bed in the family home at 9.30 on Saturday night.
The next morning the front door, thought to have been left unlocked, was ajar and Kiesha was missing.
It's early days and there are many differences, but so far, like Madeleine McCann, another little girl appears to have vanished into thin air.

Kiesha Abrahams' mother and stepfather arrested after trip to lonely bushland grave

Mete uma mala e tudo. 

............. There, in the lonely bush grave, the little girl remained undiscovered until yesterday, when Abrahams and Smith were arrested near the gravesite on what would have been Kiesha's seventh birthday...........................  Under the cloak of darkness, and clutching a small bunch of flowers, the pair unwittingly walked into a police trap.
Unaware they were being followed by a carload of homicide investigators who were ready to pounce, Abrahams and Smith wandered into the bush on Thursday night, allegedly to visit Kiesha's grave.
They left hours later, about 1am, and were immediately handcuffed by police, who had trailed them into the dense bushland and waited for them to emerge on to a well-lit nearby street.
As the sun came up yesterday over the Shalvey bushland, police began the grim search for the little girl's remains. By 8am, police had located enough "small sized bones" to suggest they had found what they were looking for.
The shallow grave in which the child had been buried nine months ago had been disturbed over time.
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