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O Jeremy Wilkins



The McCann Case: Jeremy Wilkins and the woman in purple
Image from "The News of The World"
The casual tennis partner of Gerry McCann believes he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, on May 3, to walk his son, in a buggy, according to his statements to police. He turned right and, as he looked to the building next to the one where the McCann were staying, he saw a woman in a purple dress.
Jeremy Wilkins went down the street and went to the toilet near the swimming pool, close to the Tapas Bar, through the Ocean Club reception. He met a couple, the man with “rasta” hair and, after going out from the toilet, kept walking down the streets, around the backside of the tennis court.
He walked through several streets, as his soon was having difficulty in sleeping. He met another couple, a tourist named Curtis with his girlfriend. After walking around a lot, he found himself going out from a street to the road that goes to Batista Supermarket, between the McCann apartment and the Tapas Bar.
He saw Gerry McCann on the other side of the road (between 8:45 and 9:15 pm), not far from the gate that gave access to the stairs of the ground floor apartment and crossed the street to talk with him, in the sidewalk. As far as he can remember, they talked for 3 to 5 minutes. His soon was already asleep and, when the talk finished, Gerry went down, in the direction of Tapas Bar, and Jeremy Wilkins went up the street, turned to the left and returned to his apartment.
While talking to Gerry, he said that he couldn't guarantee that he didn't saw somebody, on the top of the street, because he was either looking to Gerry or to his baby, in the buggy, and probably was in a position with his back to the top of the street.
Questioned about Jane Tanner, who said, in her statements to police, that she saw both of them, talking, while she walked the same street to check her daughter, around 9:15 pm, Jeremy Wilkins said that he doesn't remember to see her, during his conversation with Gerry McCann.
But he believes he saw her, when he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, May3, 2007 – she was standing in the street, just in front of the apartment of one of the McCann friends, doesn't know if it was her own apartment. He remembers that she was using a purple colour dress. At the time, he knew that she was one of McCann friends, but didn't knew her name.
Gerry's behaviour was perfectly normal and Jeremy admits that the light, on that area, could be enough, to somebody that would be in the same place he and Gerry were, to recognize a person already known or to give a general description of an unknown person that was walking on the top of the street.
Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis
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PS: Police officers from Leicestershire asked Jeremy Wilkins to read his original statement, made in Algarve, to PJ, to refresh his memory, before questioning him a second time, in UK, in April 2008, following the letter rogatory sent from Portugal.
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