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O Gerry mais os cartões de crédito



Gerry McCann used two credit cards
The father of Madeleine McCann used two MasterCad credit cards, according to an information from Detective Inspector Gary Watts, from Leicestershire Constabulary, to Frances Kennah, head of UK Central Authority, a Home Office department in charge of the cooperation with foreign police forces.
The information, dated from May 23, 2008, refers the request by Portuguese authorities, through an International Letter of Request, for the transaction details of the credit cards used by Gerry McCann.
PJ asked for the records of a period of six months, starting on April 1, 2007, but Home Office thought that period to be disproportionate and suggested they could just give information about the days before and after Madeleine's disappearance.
The information from Detective Inspector Gary Watts states that the report concerning the transactions of those two credit cards wasn't finished, following a conversation between Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior and the recipient of the information, Frances Kennah.
A previous report about the financial situation of the McCann couple and their friends, produced by the Economic Crime Unit from Leicestershire Constabulary, found no records of credit cards or loans from Kate and Gerry McCann.
Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis
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