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Uma mãe sem filha e tão feliz!


Gonçalo Amaral told the Algarve Resident that the decision to be able to sell his book again was a “victory for democracy” and added that the public should be free to read all versions of the case including his and that of Kate McC.

Gonçalo Amaral said: “I have not read the book by Kate McCann but believe that they have the right to freedom of expression to be able to write what they like about the case.”

While the former police inspector did not criticise the plans of the McCanns to release their own version of the case, he said that he was unsure if it would be able to help in the search for their daughter who disappeared from their holiday apartment in May 2007.

“Could the book help to find Madeleine? It depends on what it says so we will have to wait and see if it can contribute in any way to an investigation, and if it can, it would then become something that could be used as evidence in a case,” said Gonçalo Amaral.

He also spoke of his rights to publish in the UK: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people also have the right to be able to read and know about all the versions about what may have happened during the night of May 3, 2007.”

Source: Algarve Resident 25.03.11 em

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