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As we've said, the Gaspars is a very sensitive subject.

Ironside has already touched on the subject, clearly explaining that this blog thinks that it's yet another piece of clutter.
But, as is our methodology, we don't like to say things just because they "please" us or don't.
So consider Ironside's post, as the first on a series about the statement of the said couple.

As we don't have wishes to hide information from our readers, I would sum up Insane's argumentation that we're going to go "prove" the Gaspar statements as false because it serves our "purpose" to do so, as I (Textusa) in my initial theory I've placed two ADULTS (KM and DP) engaging in sexual activity, and by having DP considered a paedo would make the whole theory crumble.

I hope I answered your question, and don't want, at this time, to elaborate further on the Gaspars. Not a question of delaying, just a question of timing, as it is a very complex piece of clutter.


With all due respect, please justify the statement that "Madeleine appears to have been sedated and to have died prior to May 3rd, 2007".

There's no evidence that points to that scenario, and even contradicts the following sentence of your comment "in which case her parents discovered her in the lounge of the apartment". That would mean, according to you, that the McCanns drugged their kids, partied all night and only returned somewhere in the next day.

This blog finds that the fake watersports alibi TOGETHER with the relaxed attitude of the T7 in the Paraíso's CCTV pictures, are a CLEAR indication that Maddie's death happened on May 3rd, and if any of the T7 was involved, as things seem to indicate, happened AFTER the said pictures on May 3rd.

There's absolutely no indication that Maddie was ever sedated or oversedated. She may have been, nut there's nothing to back that up. However there are strong indications that the twins, and the remainder children, were sedated on the evening/night of May 3rd.


The tennis bag was NOT used to take Maddie out of the apartment. The bag has been pictured in the bedroom by the police.

To call the police claiming an abduction, and forgetting the body in a bag in the cupboard is giving very little credit to the T9's intelligence. At least, give them the credit of taking the bag (if ever Maddie was inside THAT bag that I very much doubt) to an apartment next door...

When the police arrived, Maddie had long left the apartment. The "first" person to notice that was Kate, as we know...

As determined, it remains that any further comments from Insane are continued to be ignored, unless Insane cares to let us have the link to his/her blog, of questionable existence, and invites us all to read his/her musings.

That said, and strictly maintained, Insane has now made a comment, which has parts that might just fit into the above category. I’ve clipped out the majority of what was said, and this is what matters:

“(…) Now I suggest you publish this, with the full version of the post I made. I will make absolutely certain it gets out there if you don't. (…) You should know that all my posts are saved and published elsewhere, so it is very easy for people to see where you have lied about their content. And we've all been having a chortle at this one. (…)”

As we’ve not published the full version, and as Insane says s/he will make absolutely certain that it will get out there, I ask you readers to be on the lookout, and maybe this way Insane’s mystery blog’s existence might be confirmed, allowing you all to have a more concrete idea of his/her beliefs.
Update (this must be a first on a comment!):
While I was writing this commet, guess who showed up, uninvited, for tea?
And did Insane have to say now? This:

“You were told to correct your lies about my post and to publish it in full. You didn't do that, so I'm afraid I will have to circulate both versions to a number of sites. They tend not to like dishonest bloggers, Textusa”

Oh dear me, Insane won't be sending ME a birthday card now! It seems I’ve overstepped the mark and lost a mate.

I didn’t do as I was told and now someone is stamping their foot. This time s/he's just taking his/her ball home and I don't get to play with it.

Pity that Insane is now using a “number of sites”, instead of his/hers… alas, as much as we’ve tried for you to know what his/her beliefs really were, Insane, it seems, intends on using other people’s sites, but still not to convey his/her message to you.

And sites who welcome Insane’s insanities are as welcome here as a cricket in a doctor’s stethoscope.

On a serious and clear note, we’re closing, once and for all, the “Insane” topic, and we’re moving on to more interesting and relevant topics now
About the blue bag.

We like to keep things simple in this blog. Yes, you may smile, but all the complicated stuff was not our doing... we're just trying to unravel what is complicated, but always trying to find what is most logical, simpler and feasible for each event we analyse.

Yes, Maddie could have been carried LATER in that blue bag, but my opinion is that THAT blue bag is filled with compromising clothing used to clean up the apartment on the evening of May 3rd. It might contain, for example, a pair of jeans, as Ironside pointed out already... or that beige piece of material that appears in one photo on the couple's bed, and is missing in the next...

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