segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011

O RICARDO A. da L. Oliveira.

So, when Insane says that this blog's agenda is the McCanns agenda, although absurd on the terms implied, s/he is totally not out of reason. You see, what Insane would love to see us do, would be to isolate the McCanns & Co from all those who willingly "helped" them, by lying for them so as to protect all that was there to be protected, and we certainly are not talking about the McCanns.

As we refuse to disconnect anyone that we feel was involved, we're unwillingly helping the McCanns keep a tie with all others. In Insane's world this is very, very unpleasant. Insane's people had one big opportunity to break away from the T9, but instead opted to continue the farce. It was a path they chose to follow. That is a topic for a future post.

Now, and to finish, there are two other things about Insane’s comment that needs to be noticed.

The first is when it is said “taken a brief statement from the staff who were there, contacted by phone the ones who weren't?”

To be able to make this remark, is to have an exceptional knowledge of the files, as, as far as we could see, only one employee is contacted by phone, RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA, one of the hymn singers.

By stating such in the plural form, Insane might be making some sort of confusion between the numerous phone calls that were made that night, with the single one that was made by the PJ…

The second thing is when it is said “After all, they (PJ) also had the reservation sheets and access to the bills for additional drinks which had been rung through”

For someone who apparently knows so profoundly well the files, seems now not to know that there are “no bills for additional drinks” in the files, nor, are there any information on how they “had been rung through”, as that would be an extremely valuable piece of information, if for nothing else, there were T9 credit cards in PdL.

To say that both the phone calls and the payments exists but are NOT on file, is to assume knowing inside information, only available to those who ran the investigation or to those who were there witnessing the events as they happened.

These two facts, to me seems that Insane, like Sidmouth, is not only a “dog” “barking” to protect others, but, probably to protect himself/herself too, because, to me, it seems that this character falls very much under the same category as Sidmouth: that of people that were there that week.

Oh, Insane, just two last things.

First, if you notice, I’ve reserved a spot on one of the blogs columns to place the link to your blog, so that people may go and see what it is you exactly defend that happened that night. Send it in, and I’ll post it.

Second, thank you for you comment (unpublished) on the Gaspars Statements. We’ll certainly be using it one of these days.

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