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Jon Benet 1 versão da morte (Merci,M.) Mas ....coincidências Mcs?

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Innocent Murder - 
The Real Story Of 
JonBenet's Death
By Vincent Bridges & Jay Weidner

Genesis 1: 18 - ". . .to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good."

Psalms 118: 27 - "The Lord is God, and he has made his light shine upon us. With boughs in hand, bind the festal sacrifice with ropes to the horns of the altar."

The Revelation of St. John 1: 18 - "I am the Living one. I was dead and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and hell."

On Christmas Night, 1996, in an upper class neighborhood of quintessentially yuppie Boulder, Colorado, six year old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in her own home. The crime was made to look like a botched kidnapping, and the fumbling of the local police created an unsolvable problem. Over three years after the murder, after endless investigations by police, the district attorney's office and a grand jury, it looks as if there will never be enough physical evidence to make an arrest.

And so the Ramseys, John and Patsy, have decided at long last to tell their own version of the story in their new book, The Death of Innocence, due out Friday, March 17. To promote the book, John and Patsy ................................................................

 will undoubtedly help the sales of the Ramseys' new book. In that book, according to Boulder's Daily Camera, the Ramseys supply a list of possible suspects as they present their version of the intruder theory. Perhaps most interesting of all is a peek at the new book in the Star tabloid for the week of March 7 - 14 which reveals that Patsy had two strange premonitions of disaster in the days before Christmas. The first involved the lookalike doll that Patsy gave JonBenet as a Christmas present. Seeing it in its wrapping carton suggested, to Patsy, JonBenet in her coffin.

The second premonition was more subtle but goes directly to the heart of the case.

 Patsy claimed that she liked the purple of the Easter vestments and chose to use purple as her Christmas tree colors that year. In the book, Patsy reveals that she realizes now she had unconsciously introduced death into the Christmas celebration by using the color that signifies Christ's sacrifice, rather than his birth.

............................. Could it all be a smokescreen to avoid tougher questions when she goes on TV to discuss her book?"

However, just as the apparently orchestrated media blitz leading up to the publication of the Ramseys' book was taking shape, a story appeared in Boulder's Daily Camera that had the potential to break the stalemated case wide open. Headlined "Huge Breakthrough In JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case?" the February 25 story, by Daily Camera editorial writer Barrie Hartman, opened with a bold lead sentence.


.........................Patsy tells us -- lures her down to the basement where they sexually assault and kill her. Filled with remorse, this familiar person then cleans, dresses and wraps the dead child and leaves, forgetting all about the ransom note. Of course, that also leaves open the question of why the note was written in the first place. If the motive was sexual assault, why leave the note? If the motive was kidnapping, why the sexual assault in the house?

Statistically, the vast majority, over 98 percent, of child murders in the home are committed by a family member, usually a parent. John Ramsey's two older children by his first wife were cleared by alibi and absence. In the house that night were only John, Patsy and their 9 year old son Burke. If we reject the Intruder theory, then the murderer must be one of these three..........................

However, this new information, combined with an analysis of the ransom note, allows us to piece together a scenario of the crime that fits the peculiarities of its signature. Whether this is the truth or not, only Patsy knows.

The most likely scenario is that all went relatively well at the audition. It is possible that JonBenet was not sexually violated, although sex play, including asphyxiation probably did occur. However, it just may be that Patsy did not fully grasp what was about to happen to her little angel. Patsy's own abuse and sexualization at the hands of her father, Don Paugh, would allow her not to see the sexual objectification of her routines as anything out of the ordinary. The group itself may have appealed to her Christian and mystical side. Who knows exactly what, in her mind, Patsy was training the child to become?

We think it is important that the Ramseys don't get the last word.

March 13, 2000 Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner
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