sábado, 5 de março de 2011

The good marketing ploy.......

EVIDENCE of a dead body inside murdered Kate Prout's home was discovered by a sniffer dog, it has emerged.

The "cadaver dog" homed in on an area in the living room of the Redmarley home she shared with her husbandAdrian Prout, who was convicted of her killing last year.

An hour-long documentary on the murder case told how the dog, which was specially trained to seek out dead bodies and where deaths occurred, concentrated on a specific spot in the living room at Redhill Farm.

And for the first time another of Kate Prout's brothers, Ted Wakefield, spoke about the case.

Appearing on the Crime and Investigation network's The Perfect Murder?, he said he told his then-friend Prout that if he had done "something silly" he would "spend the rest of his life in jail, or always looking over his shoulder".

Prout was convicted in January 2010 of killing Kate amid an .......... Ler mais na ligação acima indicada.


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