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Gonçalo Amaral merece todo o respeito

It seems that the Portuguese Justice System has decided that there was no reason for Gonçalo Amaral not to sell the book.

On the same day, it confirmed Gonçalo Amaral’s sentence of having lied when he stated that he didn’t have any knowledge of Leonor Cipriano being tortured by PJ Inspectors during interrogation.

Let’s go and analyse things, and let’s try a do it with stone cold reasoning: both are questionable decisions.

The first, as I’ve said before, has the basis that the LEGITIMATE Portuguese Judicial System has found no sufficient evidence to prosecute the McCanns, and sees no reason for the process, as is, to continue.

The decision was not to stop it, as many Black Hats want you to believe.

You know my opinion about this “intermission” of the process as well as the “quantity” and “quality” of existing evidence there effectively is to prosecute the McCanns.

If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, nor would we be writing it.

But facts are facts, even when they are pretended to be ignored like the Portuguese Justice System has done with the McCanns.

However, this pretence ignorance of multiple facts, has made it, in fact, a fact that, LEGITIMATELY, the McCanns are NOT being in any way or in any manner being prosecuted by the Portuguese Justice System.

That doesn’t mean, far from it, that the McCanns have been declared innocent by the same Portuguese Justice System, like many Black Hats so evidently distort.

Gonçalo Amaral, in his book, gives his opinion that there is enough evidence for the McCanns to be prosecuted.

There have been other books, published in Portugal, that have basically said the same, and have not suffered any persecution from the McCann machine. The difference of this one is that, as we all know, Gonçalo Amaral led the LEGITIMATE Portuguese Justice System’s field investigation on the case.

So it’s the credibility of the finger-pointing that is the problem. Not the content of the book, but that of the the author having had the LEGITIMATE powers invested in him during the investigation.

Gonçalo Amaral’s finger has much more credibility than any other that has, is and will continue to point to the McCanns. But in doing so, that finger has blatantly pointed towards the Portuguese Justice System as well.

So the Portuguese Justice System was caught, to make a decision, between a rock and hard place.

It had to decide between itself, saying that the LEGITIMATE decision of “seeing” that there was not enough evidence against the McCanns was correct, and the result would be to maintain the ban, as the book contradicted that decision; or decide in the sustainment of Free Speech, a Gonçalo Amaral’s right.

Fortunately, it decided for Free Speech. It could have gone the other way, and I, for one, would understand it (not agree) as I explained. It was a fair PUBLIC fight and the outcome has been decided.

The book can be sold in Portugal, and its sale process is to continue.

Having said that, let me tell you that I think the first decision, the one to ban the sale, was a wrong one, and worse than that, it gave the wrong message (maybe that was what was intended).

By the process’ archival, nobody has pronounced the McCanns neither GUILTY nor INNOCENT. So, it seems to me, a mere mortal on this world, that nobody, namely Gonçalo Amaral, can slander the McCann's INNOCENCE, as it is inexistent. What exists, technically, is the PRESUMPTION of innocence, and any PRESUMPTION can be questioned. If this questioning is unmerited, it only requires the explanation as to why it lacks subject and no offense is to be taken.

About the second case, the Gonçalo Amaral’s sentence, the Portuguese Justice System was confronted with a person, with evident physical injuries.

That person states that it was due to having been to the submitted to torture by the PJ.

Let’s not forget that we’re thinking with reason here, and let’s put our personal opinions aside.

For the Portuguese Justice System there is proof that the person was beaten up. I agree, by the way.

For the Portuguese Justice System, this person was beaten up AFTER her arrest. I agree, by the way.

For the Portuguese Justice System, there is proof that this person was interrogated by the PJ Inspectors. I agree, by the way.

For the Portuguese Justice System, the aggressions did not occur within the walls of the prison where this person was held. Here I may not disagree, which I do, but certainly will not agree.

This fact is based on statements made by the prison personnel which would have to be disciplinary or criminally investigated if in fact these aggressions happened under their area of responsibility.

But that is what they said, and that is what the Portuguese Justice System accepted as LEGITIMATE fact.

So adding up the facts, she was beaten up after the arrest, and it wasn’t in prison, so it could only have been, as the person herself stated, during the PJ interrogations. Remember, we’re just looking at facts.

The fact that the PJ said it wasn’t so, wasn’t sufficient to contradict the stated above, nor the fact that seems illogical to torture someone after they have confessed as well as the fact that the victim was unable to identify who effectively did torture her.

Apparently, they put a plastic bag over her head, which, impaired her not only from seeing as from hearing.

From the pictures, it was not a single hit to the body, but the result of multiple injuries, so sounds must have been made that would, without a shadow of a doubt, allow to identify the perpetrator, out of those present in the room. And fear of reprisal is not a justification, because she did have the courage to denounce the whole thing.

If it was all of PJ Inspectors present… then all the perpetrators would have been identified, wouldn’t they?

Anyhow, the Portuguese Justice System, faced with what it deemed as fact, took the decision that a victim was tortured but could not determine who in fact tortured the victim.

A questionable decision.

Even further questionable, is the fact that Amaral is condemned for hiding evidence, just because he was the responsible for the team that did the interrogations.

The responsibility of a leader has limits. In my opinion, as the interrogation is something that falls within the area of technical expertise, Amaral, as a non-present leader has none. It’s like asking someone to know if a report that he told another person to type, if it was done by this person in a laptop or a PC, and if it was written with two fingers of the left hand and one of the right, or if the writer used all his fingers.

Amaral, should, in my opinion, ONLY be condemned if he ORDERED the TORTURE (which, I don’t believe it happened, but just taking it for granted for argument’s sake), which the Portuguese Judicial System did not find any evidence of.

So, in accordance with the Portuguese Judicial System line of reasoning, if Amaral’s condemnation is due to him being professionally responsible for the alleged perpetrators, then why was Amaral’s boss taken off the hook? He should know too, shouldn’t he?

And Amaral’s boss’s boss?

Now, if we just step back a little, and see that before all the lawyers started to “play” their game, the explanation by the PJ for what happened to Joana was coherent and logical, although horrific and disgusting, one must ask on how big and grotesque a monster Justice has become.

If, Leonor Cipriano’s confession was taken under torture, why is she still in prison? The same Court, on the same day that determined PROVED the existence of said torture, should have, out of coherence and decency, acquitted Leonor and her brother and set them free. It didn’t. Why?

Why this monstrous incoherency? It’s a LEGITIMATE fact that Portugal holds in one of it’s prison a person who confessed under torture. No ifs or buts, that is the LEGITIMATE reality of Leonor Cipriano.

By the way, and sorry to wander off, but I don’t remember her lawyer demanding her freedom, only wanting Amaral to be found guilty of anything, even if just of a traffic misdemeanor.

Lawyers have long lost the sight of their mission. They seek not Justice, as their life sustainment is based on results; they seek only victories for their clients. It’s understandable, but not acceptable. Justice is no longer blindfolded for her not to differentiate who she is being applied to, but simply not to see, because, as experience shows, when accused, it matters much on who you are.

Or it maybe more than whom you are, it matters much more who you are up against, as Gonçalo Amaral, knows better than all of us put together.

We in this blog have never sanctified Gonçalo Amaral, nor we will start doing so now, but, as with any human being, he deserves whatever he’s due.

And one thing he’s due, is respect.

Amaral’s book, will not be the solution to the Maddie Affair. It exists on the internet, and if all those who’ve read it, had bought the book, it would have made Amaral a very rich man. That’s one thing J. K. Rawlings cannot complain. Her readers buy her books legitimately, and so are her earnings.

Now, after the Portuguese Justice System decision on Amaral’s book, Britain has no plausible reason to stop the publication in its territory.

The reasons Britain alleges, are those that the McCanns presented to stop the sale. They’ve now been deemed baseless.

If Britain says, as it says, that the process is under Portuguese responsibility (as it is) then there is NO reason whatsoever not to allow the British citizens to make their own judgment about the contents of said book.

But let’s be realistic, Amaral’s book will only be published in Britain, after the British concede, not in allowing the book, but in having, finally the McCanns brought to Justice.

Until then, lawyers will find something to stop that from happening. Both the publishing and the bringing the couple to the Courts.

There’s a book to be on sale soon, part of which’s revenue is to stop another book from being sold. Life is ironic.

There are men and women in uniform risking their life this very moment for a thing called democracy.

Is Justice honoring them, or is their sacrifice being forsaken?

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